‘Get back to England!’ George Galloway fury as daughter abused in Scottish store

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The former MP took to Twitter following the attack, which allegedly occurred at 12.50pm on Tuesday. Mr Galloway claimed he has a picture of the attacker and will “not let this drop” and contacted Police Scotland to investigate.

He tweeted: “My daughter – carrying her baby! – was told to ‘get back to England, you English ****’ in your Dumfries store @Tesco at 12.50pm today.

“I have a picture of her racial abuser.

“I will not let this drop.

“I’m not that sort of father.”

He later added: “She was shaken.

“Especially as she was born and identifies as Scottish.

“Although as she points out that is irrelevant anyway.

“Broad daylight, in Tesco, with a baby in her arms!”

Following his tweet, many people commented that there is increasing anti-English sentiment across Scotland.

One person, known as Chris, replied: “Not nice to be on the receiving end of it but, anti-English sentiment in Scotland has always been so to varying degrees.

“On the English side of the border there’s plenty of anti-Scottish sentiment too.”

Twitter user, known as Lee, added: “The reason why I don’t want to go to Scotland anymore which is a shame as it’s such a beautiful part of the UK.”

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Bev H added: “A little worrying.

“I moved to Dumfries and Galloway four months ago and have been welcomed and treated with respect and friendliness.

“Let’s hope this was just an isolated incident. I’m actually going shopping today in Dumfries Tesco.

“Hope your daughter can put this behind her.”

Others pointed out that Dumfries is a unionist town and many have never heard any racial slurs.

Another user, Fee H, commented: “I shop in Dumfries Tesco every couple of days.

“In 8 years I have never heard or received any racial slur.

“I’m English – an isolated incident that should be treated appropriately.

“From my experience Ive never come across anti-English sentiment in 8 years I’ve lived here.”

With Lee Carden adding: “As a regular visitor to Scotland, most areas & over many, many years.

“I have never ever received or witnessed any hostility to English people.

“Most of my work trips are in Scotland, I have friends there & attend many events there.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Police Scotland and George Galloway for a comment

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