Give everyone boosters NOW! Javid slammed as under 40s STILL not able to book jabs

Sajid Javid urges public to get their booster vaccinations

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The Government has already come under intense pressure over the booster jab rollout grinding to a halt, with some saying the programme is “stuck in first gear.” In order to deal with the increased demand, The NHS is to hire an extra 52,000 vaccinators and volunteers to “ramp up” its booster drive one year after the national vaccination programme became the first in the world to administer a Covid-19 jab. However, many under-40’s are fuming at the inability to gain access to the booster programme as Christmas approaches.

Taking to Twitter, Gill Atmeare said: “If the booster program is so important why the duck aren’t people who want to have it able to book? Loads of under 40’s are waiting to get the jab but being refused,” adding several angry red-faced emoji’s after the post.

Mentioning that the under-40’s are already behind on the vaccination programme, Live Free said: “Wow, only 62 percent of my age range 30-35 are double jabbed. That’s brilliant.”

They added: “The booster uptake in the under 40’s will definitely be under 50% It’s all falling apart, only a matter of time.”

Venting frustration that her daughter couldn’t find anywhere to get the jab, Wingloss said: “Daughter in South London on a mission today to get her booster has failed. They’re not doing under 40’s.

With the Government actively encouraging people to go out and get their booster shots, some also took to Twitter to vent their fury at not being able to get through to anyone to book the much-needed shot.

Cuzt said: “I mean if the government are gonna push this booster jab they should probably make it possible to book on the phone or the website.”

They added: “Tried 3 times and they just said it’ll take a week for the system to update to under 40’s. As urgent as ever from this government.”

Helly Belly questioned whether the NHS was aware that under 40’s were able to be given the booster jab.

She said: “So…I thought the booster thing for under 40’s was happening? Has no one told the NHS that?”

Taking aim at the Prime Minister, she added: “Been avoiding the briefings because looking at our illustrious PM makes me want to shout & break things…”

Marissa Thompson, who appears to be a pharmacist said: “Boris Johnson, a plea from a very busy pharmacy… please issue guidance to the under 40’s on when they can book their vaccines!!! Or please come and have you booster at my pharmacy and help answer some calls!!!”

Suggesting it is not just the under 40’s who are unable to get the shots, Darren Corbett said: “Rolling out the booster programme to the under 40’s is a joke. The over 50’s can’t get appointments.”

Another Darren simply wrote: “A booster jab not available to under 40’s until January… Lockdown here we go.”

Boris Johnson announced eight days ago that every eligible adult in the UK should be offered a Covid booster by the end of January under plans to boost protection against the Omicron variant.

The Prime Minister said: “We’re going to be throwing everything at it, to ensure everyone eligible is offered a booster in just over two months.”

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More than a week after that announcement, the NHS is today updating its online booking system to enable every adult aged 40 and over and all those in high-risk groups to arrange their Covid booster jab to take place three months after their second dose.

A row over red tape that has hampered the programme opening up more widely has also erupted between senior national staff at NHS England and the UK Health Security Agency.

Officials at both agencies rubbished claims the booster rollout is stalling.
They pointed to global data that shows the UK has administered more booster shots than any other country outside the US and China, and domestic figures that reveal the seven-day average for boosters or third doses – 383,000 – has hit a record high.

However, that number still falls some way short of government targets to vaccinate 500,000 a day.

Tens of thousands of vaccination workers and volunteers will be urged to sign up and help the national Covid-19 vaccination programme, although it is unclear how long it will be before they are trained and ready to serve on the frontline.

The NHS has been contacted for comment.

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