‘Global megastars!’ Nigel Farage heaps praise on Kate and William amid royal tour

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As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in the Bahamas for the final leg of their tour, Mr Farage stated we should be “very pleased and very proud” to be represented by such a couple on the world stage. He did however denounce the way a picture of William and Kate greeting Jamaican wellwishers through a wire fence was depicted controversially by some media outlets, as Raheem Sterling had done the same just “moments earlier”.

In an interview with Dan Wootton on GB News, the pair discussed the impact of the BLM movement and anti-slavery campaigners on the royal tour.

Mr Wootton said: “What I found particularly unsavoury was the fact that the BLM movement tried to use this picture of William and Kate greeting fans behind a wire fence when Raheem Sterling had done exactly the same thing a few moments earlier and no one mentioned it.”

Mr Farage then drew comparisons to Meghan Markle, claiming: “The contradictions, the untruths of Meghan Markle know no bounds.

“The fact that Prince Harry himself is happy for his family to suffer some of the injustice that comes from this is so wrong.”

While the Duchess of Sussex has not publicly commented on the pictures, royal commentator and her close friend Omid Scobie questioned how none of the palace trip organisers thought to “avoid certain imagery”.

He tweeted: “This is why diversity on a team matters.”

Mr Farage continued by hailing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, saying: “The truth of it is, as you can see, Kate and Wills are becoming global megastars.

“One dares to say Kate more than Wills, somewhat reminiscent of what was going on 40 years ago with his father and with Diana.

“But I think we should all be very pleased and very proud that out there on the world stage we’ve got a couple like this doing us such great credit.

“With the Queen now being effectively confined to barracks in Windsor, we need to recognise that the Royal Family are the most important part of soft power that we have in this world.

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“The Commonwealth now has within it 2.3 billion people.

“Add to that over 300 million Americans who seem to love the Royal Family even more than we do and you realise just how important the monarchy is to us, our presence, our soft power in the world and especially in post-Brexit Britain it matters even more.

“And that makes, frankly, what Meghan and Harry have done nothing but totally despicable.”

The royal tour will conclude this weekend in the Bahamas having previously visited Belize and Jamaica.

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