Glum-faced Andrew breaks cover after being branded ‘absolute fool’ over £18m chalet sale

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The royal has been branded an “absolute fool” after the sale of his £18million Swiss chalet was frozen so debtors could claim £1.6million from him.

The Duke of York, 60, was snapped sporting a blue coat and helmet while being accompanied by a male groom.

She said she “pitied” the Swiss couple involved in the legal battle with Prince Andrew.

She added: “It was a horrible experience. I do not understand how he operates and I feel very sorry for people who are involved with him in business.”

“It’s really rather unbelievable. He caused me such stress and now it’s claimed other people are owed money too.

“They [Andrew and Sarah] are so crazy. He [Andrew] is an absolute fool and I just cannot understand how he goes about his life.”

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