Government 'considering reducing number of people you can have inside your home'

The number of people you can have inside your home is expected to be reduced amid a rise in coronavirus cases across the country.

Gatherings of more than 30 are currently banned under government guidelines, but this could be reduced to six to control the spread of infections.

Nearly 3,000 new cases were recorded on Monday for the second day in a row. The spike has been blamed on younger people who are not sticking to social distancing when they meet up.

ITV’s Robert Peston said scientists are concerned that younger people will infect older more vulnerable individuals, causing a rise in hospitalisations.

The changes are being ironed out and could be announced today, with government advisers still mulling over what the threshold should be, according to Peston.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is expected to give a statement to parliament later on.

It is unclear if the restrictions on households will be applied nationwide or just to areas at risk of an outbreak.

Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool have seen infection rates soar in recent weeks, putting them at risk of a local lockdown.

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