GP dismantles Javid’s mandatory Covid vaccination policy ‘Argument doesn’t hold!’

GP says 'Vaccinated people who have Covid are still transmitting it'

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GP Dr Renee Hoenderkamp has dismantled the vaccine mandate for care home staff, saying “vaccinated people who have Covid are still transmitting it”. Health Secretary Sajid Javid last week expanded the vaccine mandate to all NHS frontline workers last week to curb coronavirus infection rates.

Speaking to TalkRadio, Dr Hoenderkamp said: “I’m seeing people every day with Covid.

“And right now the figures don’t support that, ‘it’s just the unvaccinated getting Covid.’

“In fact, vaccinated people are contracting Covid every single day, hopefully. So they’re not dying. 

“Hopefully they’re dying, but they are dying.”

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She continued: “So the vaccine has worked in that it is stopping those people from dying, which is a brilliant thing.

“But those vaccinated people who have Covid who could be care workers are still transmitting it. 

“So this argument about transmission doesn’t hold.

“But there’s another aspect here.”


She went on: “We do vaccinate our children, mine included, I promise all of them, against other diseases to help society.

“But we do that with vaccines that have been around for decades and we have long-term data.

“And we know very quickly because we don’t have any long-term data, but we now have some medium data on the vaccines that some people have died because of the vaccines.

“Now I’m not saying don’t have the vaccines, I’ve had the vaccine but my point is this, nobody should be able to say to you, ‘you must take this risk for other people’, which may kill you.”

She added: “And it doesn’t matter how small the risk of dying is from the vaccine, to mandate it is telling people you may die.” 

About 50,000 care home staff have not been fully vaccinated in England.

They face losing their jobs and being forced to leave the sector as the deadline for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination passes was last Thursday.

On Tuesday, Sajid Javid also expanded mandatory vaccination to all frontline NHS staff, and these workers must be double jabbed by April.

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