Grenfell artwork appears alongside ‘extensive’ graffiti at Oxford Circus station

Graffiti artists have sprayed a Grenfell mural inside Oxford Circus underground station in central London.

Along with the huge “Grenfell” piece emblazoned on the wall behind the tracks, commuters spotted the words “COVID lies” and “sane” sprayed on the Victoria line platform.

The letters “TVZ” and “DDS” are also painted periodically all over the station’s walls.

On the roundel, the word “Oxford” was also crossed out and replaced with the word “political” so it read “political circus” instead.

Underneath a list of all the station stops, a message read: “Oi!! Muppets. What if it was your ‘Houses’ that burnt down!! All power to the people.”

The M, P and S in “muppets” was also circled to spell out “MPs” – as in members of parliament.

On the Bakerloo line platform, the word “Sasquatch” was sprayed on to the walls in large letters as well as several anarchy symbols.

It is not clear who sprayed the words across the station or when they were put there.

However, the words were not there on Christmas Eve and were found in the afternoon on Boxing Day.

It is understood the Grenfell art and other words were not commissioned and is therefore being treated as graffiti.

Transport for London (TfL) told Sky News the incident had been referred to British Transport Police (BTP).

A BTP spokesperson said: “Officers were called to Oxford Circus Tube station this morning (26/12/20) after station staff reported extensive graffiti on the northbound Bakerloo line and northbound Victoria line platforms. Officers are investigating the incident.”

People have praised the Grenfell artwork and strong messages to politicians, which suggests they should do more to fight for the people who died in the 2017 fire.

One Twitter user said the station “has never looked better”, while another added: “The Grenfell one is amazing.”

A total of 72 people died in the fire after a blaze broke out in the 24-storey tower in west London.

An investigation later found that the cladding surrounding the tower was responsible for the quick spread of the flames.

Three years later, no one has been prosecuted for the deaths of the residents.

An inquiry was launched in September 2017, three months after the fire broke out. The inquiry, which is in its second phase, is discussing the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the fire.

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