Grumpy bearded dog that barks ‘like chicken’ leaves viewers in stitches

The bearded dog has become a social media sensation after a video of him barking received more than 41,600 upvotes on Reddit – with viewers saying he sounds “like a chicken”.

 The video sees a woman holding a dog, which looks like a cross between a Griffin and a Schnauzer, with a remarkable beard.

But it’s the moment the dog barks at the camera which has his owners — and viewers — crying with laughter.

The 25-second clip has generated about 800 comments, each more amusing than the next.

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One joked: “A chicken in a dog costume with a fake beard.”

Another quipped “It’s the Lorax,” based on the Dr Seuss character.

“Dog Gandalf is barking “Thou shall not pass!” commented a third Lord of the Rings fan.

While another user added: “No, it’s just a dwarf old man who hasn’t shaved in decades.”

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