Harry and Meghan blasted by Nigel Farage in Coronation message

Harry and Meghan ‘absolutely cannot be on that balcony’

Nigel Farage has demanded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ruled out of appearing on the Buckingham Palace balcony during King Charles III’s Coronation as they are no longer working royals. The ex-Ukip leader joined calls for the couple to be respectful of the historic moment, though Mr Farage accepts it will be a difficult decision for Charles to snub his youngest son.

Speaking on FOX Business Network on Thursday, Mr Farage said: “That balcony is for working royals. Remember that picture of our beloved late Queen with Winston Churchill on VE Day?

“[The Queen] was a working member of the Royal Family. These guys opted out. They chose a new life on the West Coast of America. They can be in the Abbey, they can attend the Coronation, but they absolutely cannot be on that balcony.”

Mr Farage was referring to Harry and Meghan’s landmark decision in 2020 to quit their frontline duties as senior members of the Windsor household and move across the Atlantic to start a new life.

The debate around Harry and Meghan was inflamed after the Duke of Sussex released his bombshell memoir Spare in January.

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It became the world’s fastest-selling non-fiction book, and included a series of stunning revelations such as Harry and his older brother Prince William becoming embroiled in a physical altercation, and Queen Camilla snubbing the younger sibling.

Nigel Farage also discussed whether or not Charles was “paralysed with fear” over not inviting Harry, a claim originally made by royal author author Tom Bowe.

Mr Farage said: “Tom Bower is the country’s leading biographer, he’s a great psychologist – and yes (Charles is paralysed by fear).

“You see on the one hand, the King is can’t uninvite own son to his Coronation. That would go against every paternal instinct, so he can’t do.”

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He added: “But on the other hand if he invites them, and we understand he has invited Harry and Meghan, the fear is that they try to cause a scene and cause a show, and spoil what is going to be a global spectacle and probably watched by a couple billion people.

“So the poor old king feels he can’t do right, for doing wrong. I’m pretty certain Harry and Meghan will come along, and all we can do is cross our fingers and hope they behave.”

Buckingham Palace has so far remained silent on who exactly will appear on the balcony alongside King Charles, though the likes of his wife Queen Camilla, and son and heir Prince William are expected to.

The Coronation is a “symbolic religious ceremony” which sees the sovereign crowned monarch, and sees the famous moment when the crown is first placed on their head.

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