Harry and Meghan branded ‘biggest snowflakes’ over South Park response

Meghan and Harry: GMB panel react to South Park ridicule

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The Sussexes have been branded the “world’s two biggest snowflakes” over claims they are mulling legal action after featuring in the latest series of South Park. The animated satire does not name the couple but it appears to poke fun at Harry’s tell-all memoir and the pair’s various media pursuits. Taking to Twitter, Washington-based commentator said Harry and Meghan are “the world’s two biggest snowflakes, now declaring woke war on South Park”.

The royal enthusiast continued: “There is no end to the whining victim mentality of Harry and Meghan, while they viciously attack the Royal Family at every opportunity.”

In a separate tweet, Gardiner wrote: “Meghan and Harry only approve of free speech if it’s their own. They behave like entitled woke dictators.”

Gardiner’s comments were in response to an unconfirmed report from a royal expert.

Citing sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, royal commentator Neil Sean claimed, as reported by GB News, the couple’s “legal team are casting an eye” over the South Park episode titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour to “see what is wrong and what could be turned into something more sinister”.

Fox News said it has not yet been confirmed whether the pair will be taking legal action or not.

The couple, branded as the “prince of Canada and his wife”, are ruthlessly mocked in the latest series of South Park, appearing on a talk show at one point to promote a tell-all memoir while demanding privacy.

The episode, which aired last Wednesday, begins with the news that the Queen of Canada, who resembles the late Queen Elizabeth II, has died.

The young couple are shown attending her funeral, but at the ceremony they get booed by the rest of the family for “bashing the Canadian monarchy”.

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The Sussexes then appear on a breakfast television show, called Good Morning Canada, holding placards that read “we want privacy” and “stop looking at us”.

A reference to the Duke’s memoir, Spare, was also made, as the host of the programme showed to the public the memoir – titled “Waaagh” in the cartoon.

Meghan and Harry eventually relocated, in a bid to find privacy, to the small town of South Park, and bought their new home just next door to Kyle’s.

The house, drawn in typical South Park style, looked decorated with signs asking people to “respect our privacy” and “leave us alone”.

Fictional Meghan and Harry could be seen dancing outside of the house and playing polo on the lawn, causing distress to their neighbour Kyle.

In one scene from the programme, the youngster complained to his friends about being driven “crazy” by the royals, saying he was “sick of hearing about them” but he “can’t get away from them”.

One of his friends, Stan, replied: “Look, Kyle, we just kind of don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.”

After the Sussexes were seen struggling to get the attention they “didn’t want”, they headed to the same agency Kyle was also consulting in a bid to change their brand.

Since the episode aired, other royal commentators have piled in on the pair.

Royal biographer Angela Levin tweeted: “Ouch! This is cringe-making stuff.”

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer also took to Twitter, saying: “So the makers of South Park have lampooned Harry and Meghan mercilessly, much more so than the teaser hinted.

“A sign the Sussexes have really made it in the US or further evidence of a loss of support?”

Viewers have also weighed in on the South Park episode, with Twitter user Captain Swing (@TheMagSpud) saying: “Good old South Park.”

Chris Rose (@ArchRose90) added: “South Park makes fun of Harry and Meghan. As usual, they get it spot on.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s representatives have been approached for comment.

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