Harry and Meghan face seating ‘hierarchy’ at King’s Coronation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely face a seating “hierarchy” at King Charles III’s Coronation, with the monarch set to follow “protocol”, a royal expert has claimed. The couple is reportedly still undecided whether they will attend or not.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter commented on the Sussexes likely involvement in the Coronation and predicted that officials will likely follow past precedent.

She said: “When in doubt the royals typically defer to tradition and precedent so yes, in the event Harry and Meghan opt to attend I think it likely we’ll see a similar seating plan to the Platinum Jubilee.

“Existing protocol decides who sits where based on hierarchy and whether or not they’re ‘working royals’.”

Speaking to MyLondon, Ms Arbiter added: “Having said that, given Harry is the King’s son, it’s possible he’ll be granted a more central seat simply because he is immediate family.

“Seating alone represents a veritable minefield, but organisers will be keen to keep the focus on the King and Queen Consort so a similar plan to last year’s Jubilee makes the most sense.”

Speaking about the couple’s presence at the Platinum Jubilee last year, Ms Arbiter added: “Their attendance at the Jubilee was well-managed and suited their new position within the family.”

Ms Arbiter continued: “The Coronation is not, and cannot be, about keeping Harry and Meghan happy.

“On the day, everyone will be expected to just get on with it. Considering how their recent grumbles have been met they’ll hopefully choose not to air any potential grievances.”

A recent Express.co.uk poll revealed that 95 percent of readers do not want the Duke of Sussex to attend the Coronation, which will take place on May 6.

A Whitehall source previously told Express.co.uk that plans were underway to invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with their invites now confirmed.

For May 6, Harry and Meghan’s seating position in Westminster Abbey will, like the Coronation, be well thought.

This will be to ensure that Harry and Prince William are not captured in any shots together, to avoid any speculation from overshadowing the event.

This was being done to ensure that the couple do not distract from the King’s big day.


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It was previously reported that Meghan and Harry demanded better seats at the Jubilee celebrations, wanting to be seated near the senior royals.

However, their request was declined, with the late monarch shutting down the couple’s last-minute requests.

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