Harry and Meghan have aides ‘worried’ Jubilee will turn into ‘circus’ over their visit

Jubilee organisers fear Sussexes will create 'circus' says Palmer

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Royal Round-up presenter Pandora Forsyth and Royal correspondent Richard Palmer sat down together to discuss Jubilee organisers claiming that an appearance from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, would create a circus. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will take place on Sunday the 5th of June, the event is highly anticipated as some Royal Family members will not make an appearance such as Prince Andrew. Mr Palmer explained that an appearance from the royal couple could turn the Platinum Jubilee into a circus. The royal correspondent speculated on whether Brits would boo them if they did show up.

Mr Palmer said: “There are some events where the organisers are really worried about Harry and Meghan turning up as well.

“Because they just think it will turn into a circus and it will all be about them.

“And take away from whatever they’re planning, so one of the questions is will people boo them.”

Ms Forsyth said: “Yes I did see that, the boo speculation.”

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Mr Palmer added: “Yeah because frankly, they’re a couple that divides people in the UK.

“As they do around the world, they have lots of supporters but a lot of those supporters tend to be people who don’t actually support the idea of a Monarchy.

“And people who are the most ardent Monarchists, not all of them but on the whole a lot of them are people who haven’t really…

“They’ve taken a dim view of Harry and Meghan’s behaviour over the last few years.”

Meghan and Harry 'need to be seen as royals' says Myers

Many royal experts have been speculating on how an appearance from the royal couple could take away attention from the Queen.

“Make no mistake, she is the absolute boss making these decisions.” 

Mr Myers added:  “She was the one who could have decided this was a peace offering to get the Sussexs over, to have the big family moment on the balcony which is so historic.

“Yet she has decided that it will only be the working members of the Royal Family, a very slimmed down version.

“They will be nowhere to be seen. 

“However, I’m sure Harry and Meghan will find their way, nudging to the front on some of the events.”

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Due to Ms Markle having signed a mega deal with media giant Netflix, some royal experts have been speculating as to whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be coming to the Jubilee with a crew of cameramen from the company to film and document them.

Royal author Angela Levin told the Sun: “This notice confirms my idea that they had an ulterior motive in coming. They want to come because they want to make it up to Netflix and get loads more money.

“They can make sure they are thought of as royals and Netflix will come over and take snaps of them all the time.”

Ms Levin added: “Harry may go and make some more money by going to talk to some US TV station perhaps and saying all the things everyone said to him over here.

“I find it all unbelievable and so despairing. They will spoil the Jubilee because they will want attention, and if they don’t have attention, they will complain.

“It should all be about our Queen, who is having problems at 96 and that is not unusual.

“I think it is so awful. They are taking it over even now, and we are so close to it.

“Instead of being helpful and kind and willing, they are making it about themselves.”

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