Harry and Meghan have set off ‘time bombs’ under Royal Family

Harry and Meghan have 'set off time bombs' for royals says host

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest instalment with Netflix plus the Duke’s memoir is set to “cause all sorts of problems” for the Royal Family, royal expert Douglas Murray has claimed. He alleged the paymasters of the couple’s finances will want to get the series and book out ahead of King Charles’ coronation next year. Speaking to Sky News Australia, Mr Murray said: “Netflix and Prince Harry’s publishers will want to get the book and the series out ahead of the coronation and that will cause all sorts of problems.

“Instead of the coronation being a happy event, it will be laden down with the latest claims and moans of the Sussexes.

“Put it off until after the coronation and it’s not much better.

“It’s like they’ve announced a couple of time bombs they’ve set to go off under the Royal Family.

“I just wish that this couple could put anyone ahead of themselves but it seems they can’t, not even their nearest and dearest.”

It comes as the Duke and Duchess are “clashing” with Netflix bosses over their upcoming docuseries, it has been claimed.

Their biographical documentary series about the couple could be shelved indefinitely as the royals “clash” with Netflix CEOs.

Page Six reported that the Duke and Duchess are “at odds” with production staff to make “extensive cuts”.

Royal author Katie Nicholl has pointed out the couple have already signed the $100million deal with the streaming giant.

Meghan Markle may see The Crown 'as karma' says host

Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner said: “Before the death of the Queen, Harry and Meghan distanced themselves from the Royal Family.

“But not it seems their sudden change of heart may be too little, too late.

“According to multiple reports, Harry and Meghan are said to be clashing with Netflix bosses over their upcoming docuseries.


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“The stories claim the couple want to walk back comments they made about King Charles and Camilla.

“There’s a lot at stake. The couple reportedly signed a $100million deal and according to Katie Nicholl, Harry got a $35million advance for his upcoming memoir.”

Ms Nicholl added: “When you’re having that sort of an advance that’s not going to be for Harry talking about his philanthropic work.

“There are big issues that need to be sorted out, not least that Harry and Meghan keep breaching the trust of the Royal Family.”

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