Harry and Meghan ‘want to see Clarkson suffer’

GMB: Susanna criticises Jeremy Clarkson’s apology

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In the column, the television host and commentator made references to a scene in Game of Thrones, saying he dreamt of the day when Meghan would be “made to parade naked through the streets” and noted that he despised on a “cellular level”. On Instagram, Jeremy Clarkson posted a long apology in which he said: “I am really sorry.

“I was mortified and so was everyone else…I therefore wrote to everyone who works with me saying how sorry I was and then on Christmas morning, I e-mailed Harry and Meghan in California to apologise to them too.”

In response, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said: “On December 25, 2022, Mr Clarkson wrote solely to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.

“The contents of this correspondence were marked Private and Confidential.

“While a new public apology has been issued today by Mr Clarkson, what remains to be addressed is his long-standing pattern of writing articles the spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories, and misogyny.

“Unless each of his other pieces were also written, “in a hurry”, as he states, it is clear that this is not an isolated incident shared in haste, but rather a series of articles shared in hate.”

Megyn Kelly GB News blasted the couple and “woke leftists” after Clarkson’s endeavours with various platforms including Amazon are in jeopardy as part of ‘cancel culture’.

The US journalist slammed the Sussexes for “missing an opportunity” with Clarkson’s apology by not using it to be “the bigger people” and make moves towards proving their values of compassion and reconciliation.

GB News host Dan Wootton expressed his believe that the former Top Gear host should not have apologised to the pair and that “it was a joke gone wrong”.

Ms Kelly: “Can I just say this. What an opportunity Meghan and Harry missed by not accepting the guy’s apology.

“They had a chance for once to look like the bigger people and they blew it. They can’t.

“They’ve got to take to dog’s nose and rub it in the excrement because that is who they are.

“They want to see him suffer.”

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She added: “They want him to apologise for being him. They want him cancelled because he writes the way he really feels and it’s not always kind to her.

“I’m sure they’d love to see you cancelled and me cancelled, well guess what? It’s not going to happen.”

Mr Wootton added that the royals, notably King Charles and Prince William will be watching their reaction to the apology and think “hang on a minute actually they could do the same thing to us”.

Ms Kelly warned that if the Royal Family invite the pair to the Coronation, it will teach them that they can continue to treat the royals badly and “can do whatever the heck they want!”

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