Harry and Meghan will seek ‘new dynasty’ after Royal Family

Prince Harry’s ‘alienated his second family the military’

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have grand designs beyond their concerted attack on the Monarchy, according to political analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher Nile Gardiner. After the current media blitz is over, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will seek to capture the US market. Writing on Twitter, Mr Gardiner said: “What is the immediate goal for Harry/Meghan after burning all bridges with Royal Family? They will seek to build vast personal wealth using their Royal titles for as long as they can, while inflicting as much damage as possible on British Monarchy as Hollywood-style celebrities.”

In a follow up tweet, the former political aide said: “Meghan/Harry are becoming pariahs in the UK, but ultimately Meghan may have political ambitions in US, and she and Harry will increasingly become involved in woke left-wing causes, building support among Washington/Hollywood liberal elites. They see themselves as a new dynasty.”

Fellow Twitter users suggest the future in the US may not be so bright for the Sussexes.

In response to Gardiner’s post, Twitter user Forbes2021 wrote: “They are also pariahs in the US. California is the perfect place for them to pursue left-wing causes. The best thing Charles and the royal family can do to protect themselves is to take away their titles and cut them off completely. There must be consequences.”

Likewise, LifeofPlotTwists tweeted: “Her negatives in the US are strong. Even her former besties are distancing themselves.”

Mr Gardiner’s comments come ahead of Prince Harry’s interviews tonight, which are expected to contain more explosive revelations about the Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex will sit down with 60 Minutes and ITV on Sunday night to talk about his upcoming book, Spare, released on January 10.

Leaks from his tell-all memoir have caused a firestorm in recent days.

The Duke of Sussex has made a series of explosive claims about his brother and father, describing the Prince of Wales as his “arch-nemesis” and accusing the King of being worried he would be “overshadowed” by Meghan’s Hollywood star power.

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Comments Prince Harry has also made about his time in the military have also raised concerns about his family’s safety.

In his upcoming memoir, the Duke of Sussex reveals he killed 25 Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

The Duke expresses a sense of indifference about his actions, revealing that he feels neither satisfaction nor shame about the killings, viewing enemy combatants as pieces being removed from a chessboard.

Harry’s decision to reveal how many he killed in Afghanistan has been publicly condemned by military top brass and the Taliban.

The Royal Family have not publicly responded to Prince Harry’s comments.

On Saturday, one Buckingham Palace staff member claimed they had not given the biography a second thought and were focusing on the Royal Family’s upcoming engagements, reports state.

However, the Telegraph has reported that a small team at the Palace have been heavily focusing on the Duke of Sussex’s new book.

A source told the newspaper that Buckingham Palace spent the last few weeks going through all possible allegations Prince Harry might reveal in his memoir to avoid being caught unaware, stating that it is “how they operate”.

The source told the publication: “They anticipate challenges and prepare for them. The notion that they would have been nervous or anxious about it does not reflect reality.

“They are always steady and prepared and will ensure they have formulated a potential response when calm rather than under pressure.”

You can watch Prince Harry’s two interviews on Sunday, January 8, ahead of the release of his tell-all memoir on January 10.

The UK interview with Tom Bradby, which will be 90 minutes long, will be airing at 9pm GMT (4pm ET, 3pm CT and 1pm PT).

His hour-long US interview with Anderson Cooper will be released on the same day but will reach screens at 7pm ET (12am GMT, 11pm CT and 9pm PT).

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