Harry and Meghan’s ‘institutional gaslighting’ claim torn apart

Meghan McCain accuses Harry & Meghan of a 'hit job' on the monarchy

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claim of “institutional gaslighting” has been torn apart by the Queen’s former spokesman, who raged: “There are more holes in their story than a colander.” The latest trailer for the couple’s Netflix documentary series shows Harry claiming lies were told “to protect” his older brother Prince William, before suggesting he and Meghan were victims of “institutional gaslighting”. Royal Family expert Dickie Arbiter, who served the Queen from 1988 until 2000, launched a furious attack against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

He also destroyed claims from the couple they had their security “pulled” prior to their move to the US in early 2020.

Mr Arbiter told The Sun: “There are more holes in their story than a colander. It is absolutely outrageous to be talking about institutional gaslighting. And their security was taken away because taxpayers won’t pay for them to live in America.

“There are so many mixed messages. I think they have lost direction and no one will believe a word they say.”

The latest Netflix trailer for the final three episodes of the Netflix documentary, which will premiere tomorrow, see Harry and Meghan talk about “institutional gaslighting”. It is not yet completely clear who they are referring to, although it is assumed to be directed at the monarchy. 

Gaslighting is described as being a “colloquialism, loosely defined as manipulating someone so as to make them question their own reality”.

In the new 90-second teaser clip, Harry is heard saying: “I wonder what would’ve happened to us had we not got out when we did.”

Meghan adds: “Our security was being pulled. Everyone in the world knew where we were.” The prince can be heard saying: “I said, ‘We need to get out of here’.”

The teaser clip then cuts to the Duke of Sussex filming a video diary on a plane and being on a “freedom flight” before he is seen telling the camera: “To see this institutional gaslighting.”

Meghan then tells the camera: “I wasn’t being thrown to the wolves, I was being fed to the wolves.”

While an image of Buckingham Palace is shown during the clip, Harry adds: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother (William). They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

It is still unclear who the Duke of Sussex is referring to when he says “they”.

Tom Bower, who wrote a biography on Meghan this year, warned the apparent public fall-out between Harry and William is “terrible for Britain’s global reputation”.

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He said: “Their mother Diana would be appalled by Harry’s disloyalty. Not only is that rupture distressing for William and King Charles, but also for the country. The image of warring brothers is terrible for Britain’s global reputation.”

Mr Bower also tore apart claims in the new Netflix trailer that suggests Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the UK for the US was taken due to a pressing concern for their safety. 

The royal expert said any claims the couple had their security withdrawn before Megxit would be “shockingly untrue”.

Fellow royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline: “The charge ‘our security was being pulled, everyone in the world knew where we were’ implies they were not given proper security as senior working royals before Megxit.

“It follows from that that in their opinion the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (Ravec) was not doing its job properly. We must ask why and require them to produce proof.

“It is also possible that – given a reported 15 hours of footage by the Sussexes – Netflix has sensationalised their comments in the trailer to draw in viewers.”

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