Harry and Meghan’s PR guru James Holt makes appearance in Invictus

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The Sussexes’ right-hand man has made an appearance in the couple’s new Heart of Invictus Netflix documentary.

James Holt, PR guru and Archewell Foundation director, appears several times in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new five-part series.

In episode four, named “group therapy”, Holt can be seen hosting a discussion in The Hague in the Netherlands before the Invictus Games competition kicked off last year.

In one scene, he was speaking to Meghan and Harry about how the competition was put on pause due to Covid.

Holt said: “After a couple of years of delays, we are actually finally here.”

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Harry replies that the games are like “group therapy” for those involved.

Later in the episode, Harry said: “After so many delays because of the global pandemic, with all the craziness that is happening in the world, what is happening in Ukraine, to be here now in the games with all the people that have been patiently waiting since 2020, it is a relief to be honest.

“We didn’t think it would ever happen, and it has been a real emotional rollercoaster for every single person.”

Holt chipped in: “It’s going to be exhausting, it’s going to be tense, it’s going to be tough.”

Holt also appears in episode five – Where the Light Enters.

In the episode, the Duke of Sussex can be seen holding an edit-riddled printed speech.

Harry can be heard saying to Holt and his wife jokingly: “How not to give a speech.”

His right-hand man simply replies: ”Well at least you can read your writing.”

This is not the first time the Sussexes’ trusted friend has appeared in one of their documentaries.

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Holt also made appearances in another Netflix series – Harry and Meghan.

In episode three, Holt spoke about the time he told the couple to “play the game” regarding the paparazzi.

He claimed that a photographer said about Harry: “Can’t you get him to do something? He doesn’t perform for us anymore.”

Elsewhere in the Heart of Invictus documentary, Prince Harry claimed he had “no support” earlier in life to deal with his trauma.

The Duke of Sussex recalled “lying on the floor in the foetal position” as he tried to come to terms with what he’d seen on his tour of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, just two episodes in, viewers of the series were already left emotional as they were touched by the inspiring stories of the competitors taking part in the games.

User @Sue__Suede expressed: “Watched the first episode of #HeartOfInvictus on #Netflix and I can’t stop crying. The power and resilience of these veterans is amazing.”

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