Harry details how journalism can be ‘saved’ despite bitter crusade

Prince Harry has detailed how he believes journalism can be “saved”, amid his bitter crusade against the media. On Tuesday, new details emerged from Harry’s witness statement to London’s High Court in his ongoing court case over alleged privacy breaches. In the 31-page document, Harry made the comments while documenting on his “very difficult relationship” with the media in the UK.

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Reported by The Telegraph, Harry claimed that his turbulent relationship with the British press is “no secret”.

The Duke of Sussex used the court document to state his own advice about how journalism – as a profession – can be “saved”.

He claimed that it is important that those involved in highjacking “the privileges and powers of the press” are exposed.

Harry also said the “most disturbing and dangerous” part of all was that journalists were “all ganging up to protect each other”.

Describing it as “brainwashing”, Harry went onto say that “people die as a result of trolling”.

He added that people “will continue to take their own lives when they can’t see any other way out”.

The Duke went on to ask “how much more blood will stain their typing fingers before someone can put a stop to this madness?”.

Harry, who stepped down as senior royal in 2020, suggested that it was now down to him to “make sure this unlawful behaviour is exposed”.

Prince Harry added: “We will be better off for it. One could say there is no greater public interest argument than exposing the unlawful practices of those that act in the name of public interest, (unless, of course, they are above the law as they plainly believe).”

Harry has publicly hit out at the media on multiple occasions, including during his tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

The duke told Oprah that he still remains haunted by the paparazzi, adding that the “clicking of cameras and the flashing of cameras makes my blood boil”.

He is also involved in a very high profile court case aimed at publisher Associated Newspapers

Harry, the singer Elton John and five other high-profile people are suing publisher Associated Newspapers, alleging they were the victims of phone-hacking and other serious privacy breaches by journalists from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday or private investigators working on their behalf.

Meanwhile, in the couple’s Netflix docuseries – which was released last December – Harry claimed it is his “duty” to “uncover this exploitation and bribery that happens within our media”.

Following his relationship with Meghan Markle being made public in 2016, the Palace issued a statement expressing Harry’s concerns surrounding the media intrusion.

The statement read that the Duke had “seen a line crossed” when it came to reporting his relationship with the then-US actress, Meghan.

He accused the British media of “racial undertones” when referring to his then-girlfriend. The statement read that Harry was “worried” about Meghan’s safety.

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