Harry hopes pub romp story will ‘all die down and go away’

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘will face a proper grilling’ says Wyatt

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In his controversial memoir Spare, Prince Harry recounted how he first had sex in a field behind a busy pub with an older woman. Sasha Walpole, who has been interviewed by the Mail on Sunday, said she is that woman and is now telling the story in her own words. But a source has revealed Harry is finding the continuing coverage of the story a “little embarrassing”.

The source told Us Weekly: “It’s a little embarrassing. It just is what it is, and he figures this will all die down and go away soon enough.”

They added that Harry “lost contact” with the woman he wrote about.

“That wasn’t due to any ill feeling or excessive awkwardness, at least not as Harry sees it.

“They were just busy doing their own thing and lost touch as people tend to do, especially at that age,” the source noted.

It comes as royal expert Kinsey Schofield also claimed Meghan must be “left feeling a little embarrassed” following the revelations.

She told Fox News: “People are laughing at their expense.

“And Meghan is older than the ‘older woman’ Harry describes. Meghan has likely never hit the yoga mat harder.”

The host of the To Di For Daily podcast added: “Harry would be horrified if someone published a book detailing losing their virginity to Meghan Markle – with a smack on the behind.

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“There are a few reasons you would come forward with something like this.

“Sasha says it was to stop the search. And with people like Rupert Everett making claims… the search was about to heighten! Sasha called off the dogs.

“Additionally, it pays well to be a tabloid feature in the UK This could be a start of an entirely new career for her.

“Maybe she will appear on reality tv going forward or write her own book. A heartbroken blonde burned by an ex is swept off of her feet by a bad boy prince for the night? That’s a Lifetime movie I would watch!”


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Walpole, 40, said she was only going public, having kept it a secret for two decades, because Harry wrote about the episode.

In a video interview she said: “I’ve kept this a secret for 21 years. I would never have said anything if he hadn’t have put it in his book.”

She added: “I’m here to tell my story in my words. I am the lady that Prince Harry wrote about in his book who he lost his virginity to.”

Describing Harry as a “good friend” at the time and someone who was “a laugh”, she said they had shared an interest in horses and her first job as a groom had been at Highgrove.

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