Harry mocked again by Jimmy Kimmel with ‘Prince and Penis’ book

Prince Harry mocked by Jimmy Kimmel with ‘children’s book’ joke

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Prince Harry has been savagely mocked after baring all in his memoir – and on US television – about his frostbitten penis following a trip to the North Pole. A-list talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made fun of the Duke by unveiling a rhyming children’s book about the chilly incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel began the segment by introduciing the book titled: The Prince and the Penis. He added to uproars of laughter from the audience: “If the kids are still up this would be a good time to gather them around the TV.”

“At the chilly North Pole, a silly young codger took a walk in the snow, and froze his wee todger,” Kimmel began.

The the parody children’s book goes on to reference Princess Diana who appears from a cloud to offer the Duke cream for his frostbitten penis.

“Oh mummy! Oh mummy! He cried with a scream, and from then up on high she appeared with some cream. My poor little prince, put this on your willy. It will lessen the ache and make it less chilly,” Kimmel continues to roars from the crowd.

The host continues to describe how Diana applied cream to Harry’s penis – something which did not really happen – with the parody Harry saying: “But mummy, have you heard about Sir Sigmund Freud?”

The full reading of the parody book on Jimmy Kimmel Live can be watched in the video above.

The parody book refers to Elizabeth Arden cream, which Diana used for her lips. In Spare, Prince Harry said he put this cream on his “borderline traumatised” penis.

“I’d been trying some home remedies, including one recommended by a friend, she’d urged me to apply Elizabeth Arden cream,” Prince Harry wrote.

He added: “‘My mum used that on her lips, you want me to put that on my todger?!’, ‘It works Harry, trust me’.”

Royal watchers had previously warned the Prince that he was opening himself to “constant ridicule” in the US following his appearance on the US late night circuit.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Duke and Colbert discussed the incident while sipping tequila.

“You’re going to the North Pole, and things got very cold. At what point did you realise there was a crisis at the South Pole?” Stephen Colbert asked the Prince.

Prince Harry said: “First of all it didn’t turn into an icicle.”

Colbert interrupted to laughs: “It didn’t snap off like a Graham cracker?”

Spare was released on January 10 after several leaked excerpts, including the passage about Harry’s frostbitten penis, made headlines.

It became the fastest selling nonfiction book ever, selling 1.43 million copies in the UK, US and Canada alone on the first day of its release.

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