Harry opens up about Afghanistan as he would ‘close my eyes’

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Prince Harry has shared his technique for transporting himself back to flying missions in Afghanistan as he recalled his experiences in the war torn nation to his ghostwriter for his memoir Spare. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph the Duke of Sussex said that he would “close” his eyes and himself “back in the cockpit” and fly the same missions again.

The Duke also revealed that his ghostwriter J R Moehringer was “amazed” by the level of detail that he could recall.

He said: “There were moments there that took me back.

“I would close my eyes and put myself back in the cockpit and fly those missions again.

“And JR was amazed by the level of detail that I could remember.”

The Duke served in Afghanistan in 2008 as part of the Blues and Royals and again from 2012 to 2013 as part of the Army Air Corps.

However he has been blasted by critics for claims made in Spare that he killed 25 Taliban fighters when he was deployed in the country.

For example Colonel Tim Collins, famous for his motivational speech prior to the 2003 invasion, of Iraq told Forces Network that the Duke had turned against the military family as well as his “birth family” by making the claims.

He said: “Amongst his assertions is a claim that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan.

“That’s not how you behave in the army; it’s not how we think.

“Harry has now turned against the other family, the military, that once embraced him, having trashed his birth family.”

Former National Security Adviser Lord Kim Darroch told Sky News that “he would have advised against” the Duke offering up such details about his service in Afghanistan.

Writing on Twitter former Royal Marine Ben McBean, who lost an arm and a leg in Afghanistan in 2008, said that the Duke needed to “shut up”.

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However speaking on US TV network CBS earlier this week, the Duke hit back at his critics arguing that the claim that he had boasted about the killings was a “dangerous lie.”

He said: “Without a doubt, the most dangerous lie that they have told, is that I somehow boasted about the number of people I killed in Afghanistan.

“If I heard anyone boasting about that kind of thing, I would be angry. But it’s a lie.

“It’s really troubling and very disturbing that they can get away with it… My words are not dangerous – but the spin of my words are very dangerous to my family. That is a choice they’ve made.”

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