Harry racism claims quashed as Royal Family works on tolerance

Prince Harry 'always wanted out of the royal family' says Kelly

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have crossed a red line with their racism allegations, a royal correspondent has claimed. In the first three episodes of their Netflix docu-series, the Sussexes repeated one of the reasons they left the Royal Family was intense media scrutiny and racism undertones which have durably plagued the couple during their time in the Institution. The Duke of Sussex went as far as claiming royals suffer from “unconscious bias”.

The Daily Express’ royal Correspondent Richard Palmer rejected the allegations, saying: “I think the racism allegations are clearly explosive. He talked about unconscious bias and certainly there has to be an issue.

“But again, the King and his family have spent an awful lot of time in the last few years working on racial awareness, intolerance, multiculturalism – supporting a lot of those things. 

“From everything I know, I think it’s quite unfair to apply that racism to the Royal Family,” he told the Daily Express’ Royal Round Up.

The media’s treatment of Meghan, as well as what the couple perceived as a lack of sympathy from royal institutions, have been at the heart of their complaints since they left royal life almost three years ago and relocated to Southern California.

In the first volume of the series, Prince Harry reveals the royal family questioned why Meghan should be “protected” following racist headlines and stalking by paparazzi after news of their relationship broke in 2016. 

The only advice they received from the Palace, Prince Harry said, was: “Don’t say anything.”

In a series of clips of Diana and Kate, Prince Harry drew a parralel between the two women’s media treatment and that of his wife.

He said: “‘So, it was almost like a rite of passage, and some of the members of the royal family were like: ‘My wife had to go through that, so why should your girlfriend be treated any differently? Why should you get special treatment? Why should she be protected?’

“I said: ‘The difference here is the race element.'”

While the couple does not overtly take aim at the royal Family, they made a dire assessment of the British media’s coverage and work practices. 

In the opening scenes of the series, Prince Harry said: “This is about duty and service, and I feel as though, being part of this family, it is my duty to uncover this exploitation and bribery that happens within our media.”

Images of newspaper headlines flashed up on the screen included: “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton”. To which, Meghan said: “Firstly, I’m not from Compton, I’ve never lived in Compton, so it’s factually incorrect. But why do you have to make a dig at Compton?”

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Other headlines shown in the documentary are “One’s gone GangstER”, and another saying Meghan’s ancestors were a “tailor, a teacher and a cleaner in racially divided Jim Crow South”.

Harry said: “Eight days after the relationship became public I put out a statement calling out the racist undertones of articles and headlines that were written by the British press, as well as outright racism from those articles across social media.”

Speaking about the press coverage, Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, said paparazzi would take pictures of deprived neighbourhoods in Los Angeles: “They would take pictures of different parts of, say, Skid Row, and say that is where I lived and that is where she was from.”

Meghan branded the coverage as “horrible”, but she said she “continued to hold the line. Say nothing.”

The Royal Family has so far refrained from reacting to the Netflix series.

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