Harry warned pre-Coronation royals ‘don’t forgive but do hold grudge’

Meghan Markle ‘will do something to distract’ from King Charles’s Coronation

Prince Harry has been warned by a former royal butler that his family “don’t forgive but do hold a grudge” as he prepares to travel back to the UK for the King’s Coronation in a few weeks. The Duke will be attending without his wife Meghan Markle for his first time seeing the royals since he brutally criticised the institution in his memoir Spare, published in January.

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Paul Burrell, who served the royals for 21 years and worked closely with Harry’s mother Princess Diana, has claimed the Firm do not take kindly to those who disobey the rules and refuse to tow the line.

He told Spin Genie: “But Harry’s got a problem because he’s going to have to sit amongst family who he’s pushed under the bus and criticised and what kind of reception is he going to get?

“A very cold and icy one because the Windsors don’t forgive, they do hold a grudge.

“The family do push people out on the margins if they don’t conform and follow the party rules. The King has laid down the rules and Harry should follow them.”

He added that showing up to the ceremony was the “least he could’ve done” for his father, while noting it was “wonderful” that Meghan had an excuse not to be at the event.

May 6, the date of the Coronation, is also Prince Archie’s fourth birthday, with many speculating Meghan is staying at home to properly celebrate the day with their son.

It is thought Harry will be keen to get back to California to be with his family and may not stick around for long after the service at the Abbey.

He is unlikely to be seen in the Royal Procession back to Buckingham Palace or to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with other senior royals.

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Harry has made it clear whilst promoting his memoir Spare that he hopes to have reconciliation talks with his family.

But this seems unlikely, with there currently being no known plans for the Duke of Sussex and Prince of Wales to have a sit down talk during the Coronation celebrations.

It has also been reported that Harry will only be visiting for the day, as he flies back to California to celebrate his eldest child’s fourth birthday.

Archie will be celebrating at home with Meghan as the date clashes with the King’s Coronation.

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