Harry ‘well received in US’ but Netflix timing ‘could’ve been avoided’

Daily Express asks Americans their view on Harry and Meghan doc

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary series has shaken their UK foundations, with the couple subject to renewed criticism. The final three episodes of ‘Harry & Meghan’ saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex mount a slew of new allegations against the Firm, igniting fury among some British Royal Family fans. But the series has had the opposite effect across the Atlantic, where Americans have come to recognise and respect the couple’s autonomy.

While Britons have become increasingly frustrated by the ex-senior Royals, US residents can appreciate the Duke and Duchess’ perspective.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Bridget Hall, 31, from Florida, and her mum Mary Ellen Hall, 60, from New York explained they viewed the situation through a different “lens”.

Asked why they thought the royals had made the documentary, Bridget said she had “mixed feelings” about their motivations.

But, ultimately, she felt they “just want to have their own voice”.

She added: “I remember Meghan did say she wanted to tell her life story from her own lens.

“Because people make so many opinions on them without them speaking, I think this is their opportunity to speak for themselves.”

Views of the couple remain largely positive, she added, with other Americans also supportive of their fight for independence.

Bridget said: “I’ve talked to a lot of my friends and I think they’re viewed in a good light.”

“I think Harry is portrayed as really respectful to his partner, and I think them just sharing their lives and being open and honest is being well received.”

Mary Ellen explained that Americans tend to view the couple from a different lens.

She said: “I think we’re looking at it from a different lens over in America.

“Not having a Royal Family and just the way that they’re perceived as two people in their lives making choices for themselves.”

She added that while there seemed to be little competition between the Sussex and Cambridge families in the UK, they gold a similar standing in the US.

The couple is “just as equally popular in the States”, she added.

While the women were generally pleased with the couple, they reserved some criticism for the Netflix documentary.

Mary Ellen said some of the recent controversy “could have been avoided” if Netflix had released the documentary at a different time.

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