Harry’s army instructor calls story in memoir ‘complete fantasy’

Prince Harry’s claims in Spare are ‘so backward’ says Clarke

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Prince Harry’s claims about his journey in the military have been dismissed by an army instructor, a news report has claimed. The Duke of Sussex detailed a dramatic account of a “suicide” training flight in his memoir, Spare.

In his autobiography, he claimed that an army instructor deliberately stalled their Slingsby T67 Firefly propeller plane without warning.

However, ex-Sergeant Major Michael Booley claimed that every detail of training flights is discussed beforehand.

He told Sunday Mirror: “I am staggered by this. In shock even.”

His clear version of the incident suggests Harry’s Megxit memoir might include yet another inaccuracy.

The Prince wrote in his controversial bestseller: “On one of our first flights together, with no warning, Booley threw the aircraft into a stall.

“I felt the left wing dip, a sickening feeling of disorder, of entropy, and then, after several seconds that felt like decades, he recovered the aircraft and levelled the wings.

“I stared at him. What in the absolute—? Was this an aborted suicide attempt?’

“No, he said gently. This was the next stage in my training.”

But Michael, who ranks father-of-two Harry in his top five students, dismissed the Duke’s tale.

He said: “Whilst the book compliments me, the recollection of the sorties and lessons is inaccurate, I’m afraid.

“It’s important to highlight that nothing in the cockpit comes as a surprise.

“Every sortie is thoroughly briefed beforehand, every single aspect.

“The sortie is flown exactly as per that brief. The only time there are surprises is later in the syllabus, not as stated in the book, when emergencies are introduced.

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“Engine failures are practised before the first solo obviously, in case the student suffers one.”

Express.co.uk has approached Prince Harry for comment.

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