Harry’s one-word wish ruined any chance of relationship with brother William

Prince Harry used one word that has cost him of having any chance of a relationship with his brother Prince William, the royal expert claimed. Royal commentator Daniela Elser said that Harry’s word choice has likely led to a hefty personal price being paid. The relationship between the two brothers has been strained for some time – however, it now appears the chance of reconciliation is slimmer than ever.

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The “keyword” is originally found in a piece that Harry’s ghostwriter, J. R. wrote for the New Yorker.

In her own piece, Ms Elser highlights the moment in Moehringer’s article, where he describes Harry expressing his joy over Spare’s sales – as well as that his story was finally out in the world.

In his piece, Moehringer wrote: “He mentioned my advice, to ‘trust the book,’ and said he was glad that he did, because it felt incredible to have the truth out there, to feel—his voice caught—’free’. There were tears in his eyes. Mine, too.”

As reported by the Mirror, Ms Elser claimed that the use of the word “free” simply symbolised Harry’s pursuit of freedom and liberation.

Despite this, Ms Elser feels Harry’s choice of the word has strained his relationship with William even further apart.

Ms Elser wrote: “However, in pursuit of that single word – ‘free’ – Harry has paid, where he realises it or not, an extraordinarily high personal price.”

She added that the loss of his relationship with Prince William is “perhaps the most obvious loss”.

According to Ms Elser, William was portrayed in a negative light – with the Duke depicting him as petty and even, at one point, as physically aggressive.

According to Ms Elser, the relationship appears to hold a slim chance of reconciliation – however, it may be possible if one of the brothers had “the courage” to text the other.

The two brothers were reunited earlier this month when they both attended the King’s Coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Although, it appears they took no time to catch up during the historic event – with Harry making his way to the airport soon after the ceremony ended.

In the seating plan for the Coronation, William was in the front row – along with his wife and their two youngest children, eight-year-old Princess Charlotte and five-year-old Prince Louis. The couple were also joined by the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

Prince Harry was in the fourth row – alongside his cousins Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

Their partners were also present, although Meghan Markle did not attend the ceremony – deciding to remain in the US with their two children.

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