Hartley-Brewer erupts at GP demanding lockdown kept ‘indefinitely’ to avoid Covid surge

UK lockdown: Hartley-Brewer lashes with doctor in debate

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Julia Harley-Brewer had invited National Health Action Party’s Doctor Richard Taylor onto her TalkRADIO programme to debate the merits of the UK coronavirus lockdown. However, the discussion quickly descended into a row after the GP suggested the measures should remain in place “indefinitely.” The radio host was perplexed by Dr Taylor’s stance and insisted that people must be allowed to go back to living their lives unrestricted. 

Dr Richard Taylor told Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I think the lockdown should continue indefinitely until we have got rid of this retched bug.”

“I wish I had something that would beep out the words I am saying in my head right now to you,” replied the host.

“So until we wipe out Covid for good until every single person is vaccinated and by the way even if everyone is vaccinated there will still be people who die of Covid as we know it is not 100 percent.

“You think we should be locked down for good.”

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Ms Hartley-Brewer continued: “Richard may I ask do you just not have many friends and not live a very interesting life.

“Is that why you are not really bothered about having your life curtailed?”

The GP replied: “Oh dear, we are talking in theory aren’t we.”

“No we are not!” fired back the host.

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“No we are bloody not talking in theory, we are talking about people’s lives!,” yelled the host.

“We have only got one life on this planet.

“I am an atheist I don’t think there is anything waiting for me in the afterlife.

“This is it, this is all we have got and I want to live my life.”

Ms Harltey-Brewer raged: “A millions of other people want to live their lives.

“Children want to be at school they don’t want to wear a mask on public transportation, they want to go on holiday.

“They want to meet people they want to have parties and weddings and enjoy their lives and go to the pub, and live a normal life.

“And you think it is all a theory!” 

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