‘He can do more!’ Prince Charles criticised for mileage as royal ‘flown the most’

Prince Charles criticised for mileage as royal 'flown the most'

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The Prince of Wales has been vocal in the past few months about the climate crisis. He gave an exclusive interview to the BBC, and spoke of what we can do to become more sustainable. He warned of a “catastrophic” impact if more ambitious action isn’t taken on climate change.

Speaking on LBC, radio presenter Maajid Usman Nawaz spoke about Prince Charles. 

Mr Nawaz said: “Let’s start with the Prince of Wales. It’s important to understand that the Prince of Wales has asked private companies to do more, for which I am appreciative.”

“Private companies do need to do more, but so can the royal household and so can the Prince of Wales himself.”

“There is good in his message, but he should not be immune from the mirror that should be held up.”

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“You want James from Wales to do something about this, including finding £5,000 from somewhere to change his boiler to a heat pump at home, when the average salary in his country is 27, £28,000.”

He added: “Most people can’t conceive of rustling up that kind of money, £5,000, to change their boiler at home.”

“Yes, £7,000 is subsidised by the government, but £5,000, you’re asking people to find.”

“We’ve got to start at the top and say, this is great, some of what you’re saying is good.”

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"Royal Family's 'brand' has 'benefitted' from pandemic"

“But also the Royal Family have collectively flown over 545,000 air miles over just the last five years.”

“That’s enough miles to get to the moon and back.”

“Prince Charles himself has flown the most. That’s interesting because he also seems to be the most vocal about the climate agenda.”

“Prince Charles has flown 25 trips covering 120,213 air miles, at a cost of over £2.4m.”

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This isn’t the first time the Prince has been accused of hypocrasy concerning sustainability.

In early 2020 he took an £82k private jet to the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland to speak about climate change.

Prince Charles has also taken a private jet to Rome this weekend to take part in the G20 conference before returning via private jet to the COP26 summit in Glasgow to express his concern over climate change. 

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