Home Office warns people that 'chillin' is banned in lockdown

The Home Office has forayed into trying to connect with us on a human level.

They tweeted that ‘chillin’ is not allowed as a reason to leave the house during the lockdown – and people are a bit alarmed by it.

The government department shared video showing a police officer speaking to a man in a parked car.

He tells him: ‘Obviously the reason we’ve come to talk to you is that we’re in lockdown and you’ve parked down at the end of the street looking a bit suspect. Alright?’

The man replies: ‘I just came from work, sir, I’ve just been chilling.’

The office doesn’t take kindly to this, responding: ‘Yeah, you can’t be chilling.

‘You can leave home to go to work, you finish work, you go straight home. Okay?

‘You can’t hang out with your mates.’

The man replies that he’s ‘not hanging out’ but the officer says: ‘Mate, you’re hanging out with your mates.’

The man says that he has just been there for five or ten minutes but the officer says that the length of time doesn’t matter as ‘We’re in lockdown. Another 1,300 people have died today.

‘You need to get yourselves straight home. Alright? It’s not for you to argue about.’

The Home Office then shared the video, with large lettering at the end saying ‘You can’t be chillin’.

They tweeted: ‘All unnecessary journeys outside your home should be stopped. Police across the country are issuing fines for all offenders, including those “just chillin’” Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.’

Several people commented: ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’

One added: ‘You gonna drive round big vans saying “you can’t be chillin” now as well?’

Another said: ‘You know your attempts to endear yourself to the yoof just makes you seem even more cartoonishly evil?’

While another user wondered: ‘Does Priti Patel run this account now? Just weird sneery posts like this.’

But some defended the post, asking: ‘Good job all of us don’t decide to chill, lockdown means lockdown, chilling with your mates is mixing households.

‘Bet they didn’t have masks on or stay 2 metres apart in the car. The police have a difficult enough job to do and I applaud them. Good job.’

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