Hot air balloon with 'suspended skatepark' seen floating over English countrysid

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No – it’s a hot air balloon with a suspended skatepark, of course.

The strange sight bewildered locals as it floated over Malmesbury and Cricklade in Wiltshire today.

It appeared to be heading in the direction of Swindon at around 11.30am.

The hot air balloon, branded with a Red Bull logo, was flanked by two helicopters which appear to be filming the spectacle.

When contacted, the company set the record clear in the wake of recent balloon-based-news in America.

A spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm this is not a spy balloon’.

Pictures taken by Wiltshire locals seemed to show two people alongside a BMB bike.

Hanging beneath the balloon was a strange boat-shaped piece of cargo, thought to be some sort of mini skate park.

David who lives in Deansfield, Cricklade spotted the balloon and told Wiltshire Live: ‘I was looking outside when I noticed the balloon so I called Jeanette my wife and we then viewed the balloon over several minutes.

‘It first appeared due west slowly moving northwards with two helicopters in close formation possibly photographing the event? I took my binoculars to get a closer view and noticed what appeared to be a boat suspended below the gondola.’

Another resident, Fin, added: ‘At first we were all really confused about it we even thought it was a tank or some sort similar vehicle but then found out it was a skatepark in the sky.’

He described it as ‘completely bonkers’.

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