How much is the ‘beloved’ Royal Gold State Coach leading the Jubilee Pageant worth?

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The Gold State Coach will showcase a poignant tribute to Queen Elizabeth II during the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday, June 5. Having long been viewed as a “splendid and beloved sight” at key royal events for the past 260 years, the anticipated parade of the horse-drawn carriage marks yet another significant milestone in the history of the British Monarch. The elegantly decorated vehicle is adorned with elaborate gold tritons, paintings and carvings, but exactly how much is the carriage worth?

How much is the Gold State Coach worth?

The custom made carriage was cromissioned by the British Royal Family in 1760, during the Georgian era.

It has been used in coronation ceremonies ever since King George IV ascended the throne, and is kept as a monument at Buckingham Palace when it is not in use.

The fragile carriage is one of the Royal Family’s most prized possessions, with every aspect of the structure built with deep meaning and valuable materials, bringing its total value to more than £1.5 million.

According to the academic resource,, the Golden State Coach was worth £7,562 at the time of manufacturing in the 1760s.

In modern currency, this is equivalent to more than £1.57million.

The staggering value of this stunning structure comes as no surprise, considering the coach itself weighs in at four tonnes.

As stated on the Royal Family’s official website, the structure is seven metres long and 3.6 metres tall, with the main body crafted from giltwood.

What is the Gold State Coach made of?

The giltwood structure consists of a thin layer of gold leaf set over wood.

According to Royal UK, the intricate design was decided upon between Lord Huntingdon, the king’s Master of the Horse and Thomas Hollis, a wealthy art connoisseur, who contacted friends they had made in Europe during the Grand Tour.

Architect Sir William Chambers, sculptor Joseph Wilton, and the Florentine painter Giovanni Battista Cipriani were all involved in crafting the historical royal coach, with each element featured on the structure bearing deep significance.

On the main body of the Coach, you will find gilded wood which has been carved to represent palm trees, used to frame the doors and windows.


RoyalUK said: “Paintings include Roman gods and goddesses representing human skill and endeavour.

“These include the Arts, Sciences, Virtue, Security, and the harvest goddess Ceres setting light to weapons in a sign of peace and prosperity overcoming war.”

As a nod to 1760 London, the front panel of the Coach is decorated with a figure of Britannia sitting on the banks of the capital’s River Thames.

The Dome of St. Pauls is just visible on the coach, standing alongside figures which reference the “power of the Royal Navy at the time”.

Due to its delicate structure, the carriage is only ever used at a walking pace and is always drawn by eight horses.

How will the Coach be used in the Jubilee Pageant?

While the procession of the Gold State Coach will not open the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, it will be used to showcase a poignant tribute to the longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

To start the event, the bells of Westminster Abbey will peel as they did on Coronation Day.

The Mounted Band of the Household Cavalry will then lead The Gold State Coach on its journey, drawn by the eight Windsor Grey horses.

RoyalUK has confirmed the coach will not transport the Queen, though the windows will be used to show original film footage recorded on Coronation Day – “evoking the image of the young Queen on that day”.

Adrian Evans, Pageant Master said: “Everywhere you look, in the golden sculptures and painted panels, in the uniforms of the postillions, grooms, footmen, attendants and mounted guards, there is rich tradition and history.

“It will be a unique spectacle that we are privileged to be opening the Pageant with, it will set the tone for the many spectacular sights to come.”

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