How Prince Andrew’s ‘different’ relationship with Prince Charles may impact the future

Royal Correspondent Camilla Tominey joined the BBC Politics Live panel to speak about the developing Prince Andrew controversy. The Duke of York took part in a Newsnight interview about his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual assault allegations against him. The Queen’s son denied that he had any sexual contact with an American woman named Virginia Roberts, who claims she was ordered to have sex with him aged 17.

Ms Tominey pointed to his relationship with his older brother and the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, as an indicator of what might happen.

She said: “If you look very far forward into the future, there is a different relationship between the Duke of York and his mother than there might be between the Duke of York and his brother.

“We know that Prince Charles favours a slimline monarchy.

“His children and grandchildren will take centre stage.”

She continued: “Prince Andrew is now further down the royal pecking order as are his daughters.

“It’s always been resisted that Beatrice and Eugenie have a fully fledged royal role.

“Will that change into the distant future if he’s losing popularity among the public?”

Ms Tominey also spoke of a feeling of “exasperation” that has developed at Buckingham Palace following the release of the interview.

She said: “I think there’s this sense that he has for some time been operating in a silo.

“The decision making around the interview in itself is being subjected to a post-mortem as we speak.”

The Palace said that at the time of the interview, the Queen was made aware of it, but not explicitly that she approved it.

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Prince Andrew’s charity [email protected] has taken down the entire web page listing its supporters, with some sponsors announcing publicly that they will no longer be associated with the organisation.

Ms Tominey offered some insight: “The Duke has patronages across the arts, across sports, all sorts of fields.

“I would imagine that journalists are canvassing those charities to see whether they still do support the Duke.

“But obviously, without patronages, people will start asking questions as to whether he has a royal role to fulfil.

“So at the moment it is looking pretty dicy.”

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