How Princess Anne could take on poignant title once held by Prince Philip

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The title was held by Prince Harry until March 2020, but after he stepped back from royal duties the role has been left unfilled. The Princess Royal is known as the hardest working royal as she conducts the most royal duties a year. Now Princess Anne has been tipped as the likely person to take up Prince Harry’s old title.

Princess Anne usually tops the leader board as the Royal Family member carrying out the most public engagements.

She is involved with more than 300 charities, organisations and military regiments.

The prestigious title, Captain General of the Royal Marines, is up for grabs after Prince Harry stepped down from the role last year.

If Princess Anne is given the role she would be following after her father the Duke of Edinburgh.

The late Prince Philip held the role for 64 years.

He only stepped down from the role in 2017 for his grandson to take up the title.

If given the title Princess Anne would be making history as the first woman to be named Captain General of the Royal Marines.

The Sunday Times reported a source close to Princess Anne said the royal is “very keen” to take on the role.

But Princess Anne has turned down titles in the past.

When she married her former husband, Captain Mark Phillips in 1973 the Queen offered the couple a royal title but she declined.

The Queen usually offers royal couples a dukedom or earldom when they get married.

For example, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were given the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they got married in 2018.

What titles does Princess Anne have?

Princess Anne has been known as the Princess Royal since 1987.

This title is usually given to the eldest daughter of the monarch.

It can’t be reassigned until the current Princess Royal has died.

Princess Charlotte will likely be next in line to take on the Princess Royal title.

Princess Anne also uses the title HRH title which stands for His or Her Royal Highness.

When she was born, she was known as HRH Princess Anne of Edinburgh.

This title was taken from her late father and her mother the Queen, as they were then known as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

To mark her 70th birthday Princess Anne was given three promotions to the rank of General in the Army and to Air Chief Marshal in the RAF.

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