How Princess Anne ‘mirrors’ the Queen with strong ‘work ethic’

Princess Anne expected to go on royal tour of Australia

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At the age of 21, then-Princess Elizabeth pledged to dedicate her entire life to royal service. Aged 95, the Queen has stayed true to her promise, and she regularly completes royal engagements across the UK. The monarch’s strong work ethic is something she has passed on to her only daughter, Princess Anne, 71, who is considered one of the Royal Family’s hardest workers.

As a senior member of the Royal Family, Princess Anne completes several solo royal engagements throughout the year.

But Anne is often chosen by the Queen to accompany her to important royal engagements too.

Body language expert, Judi James, spoke to about pictures of the pair out on royal engagements in recent years.

And according to Ms James, Anne often “mirrors” her mother’s body language and outfits.

Ms James said: “Anne will often mirror her mother’s body language in a way that suggests both respect and like-minded thinking and she will also often dress in very similar clothes.

“We can see her face-checking her mother here and smiling but there are no signs of the kind of anxiety or support rituals that the Queen seems allergic to, even though she’s now in her nineties.

“Anne will also stand back rather than hover and when she does gaze round at her mother, her facial expression suggests she’s prompting humour from her rather than showing concern.”

Princess Anne is known to share many interests with her mother, and also appears to share her sense of humour with the Queen too.

Ms James said: “Anne was always known as the chip off her father’s block in terms of similar personalities and behaviour.

“But over the past few years – and especially since Philip died – she is showing so many signs of empathy and warm friendship with her mother.

“The two women share a love of horses as well as their work ethic and both are known for their stoic personalities.

“We can see from their body language together that they also share a sense of humour.

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“This appears to be tempered in public out of respect for their roles, but the signals suggest they have a lot of fun together behind the scenes.”

Every year, the number of royal engagements carried out by senior royals are counted up.

And often, Princess Anne tops the table as Britain’s hardest-working royal, which shows her strong dedication to her royal role.

But Anne often faces competition from Prince Charles, who has also completed more royal engagements than any other royal in some years.

Now summer is over, both Prince Charles and Princess Anne are expected to resume a busy schedule of royal events.

From October 3 to October 4, Princess Anne will be abroad on an official engagement.

Anne will be in France to meet representatives of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Anne will also meet the recent laureates and prize-winners of the UNESCO-L’Oréal Women in Science Program.

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