How tall is Prince Philip and the Queen?

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Then-Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh married in 1947, and only a few years later Elizabeth’s father King George VI died. Ascending the throne in 1952 as Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 25, the Queen has dedicated her entire life to royal service. But alongside her she has always had the support of her husband Prince Philip, whom she once described as her “strength and stay” over their decades together.

Prince Philip officially retired from royal duties at the age of 96 back in 2017, and he now resides full-time at Sandringham in Norfolk.

But prior to his retirement, Philip completed an astonishing 22,219 solo engagements during his career as a senior working royal.

The huge number of engagements Philip carried out alone doesn’t take into account the incredible amount of engagements he also carried out at the side of the Queen.

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For every state banquet, royal tour and meet-and-greet at the Palace the Queen took part in, Philip was usually there to provide help and support.

Many of these moments of the Queen and Prince Philip out and about on engagements have been captured in pictures over the years.

In these numerous snaps, many royal fans have also spotted there is quite a considerable height difference between monarch and spouse.

Read on to find out how tall the Queen and Prince Philip are, and how their heights compare to other well-known royals. All heights below are in feet and inches.

How tall is Prince Philip and the Queen?

The Queen is famously quite short, and she is one of the shortest members of the Royal Family too, standing at 5’3.

The Queen’s small stature draws comparisons to many of the famous female monarchs in British history, with Queen Elizabeth I thought to be only 5’4 and Queen Victoria standing at just 5’.

However despite her petite frame, the Queen is always recognisable in any setting due to her love of bold and bright outfits and matching hats.

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The Queen’s biographer Robert Hardman said she once revealed: “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.”

Prince Philip, on the other hand, is known to be one of the tallest members of the Royal Family.

Philip also appears to have passed on his tall traits to several members of the Royal Family.

While his only daughter Princess Anne is thought to follow her mother for height at 5’6, all three of Philip and the Queen’s son are taller than 5’10.

Prince Charles is 5’10, and was famously the same height as his former wife Princess Diana, although pictures of the couple were often staged so Diana looked shorter.

The Queen and Philip’s second son, Prince Andrew, is also thought to be 6ft tall like his father.

This is also the case for the couple’s youngest son, Prince Edward, who according to Google is 1.83m, or 6ft as well.

The tall genes do not appear to have stopped with Philip’s children, however, as the tallest member of the senior royals is thought to be his grandson, Prince William.

William is thought to be 6’3, while his younger brother Prince Harry is also thought to be tall standing at 6’1.

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