How to check which petrol stations have fuel near you

Brit stuck in two-hour queue for supermarket due to petrol chaos

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Motorists have been pictured up and down Britain queuing on station forecourts for petrol, despite the Government claiming the situation is under control. Government ministers have been keen to stress that people do not need to panic buy and that there is no shortage of fuel, rather the issue comes from supply chains hampered by a shortage of drivers.

Treasury chief secretary Simon Clarke told Sky News last week that things are getting back to normal.

He said: “We are in a situation now where more fuel is being delivered to petrol stations than is being sold so that crisis is now absolutely back under control.

“That is something that will continue to ease if people just return to normal buying habits.”

But motorists across the UK seem to be experiencing a very different picture to the one the Government is painting.

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The availability of fuel at petrol stations across most of Britain has improved, but there still appears to be sustained problems in London and the southeast of England.

Panic buying of fuel amid the shortage of truckers triggered chaotic scenes across major cities last week.

There have been incidences of fights breaking out over the pumps while others have been seen hoarding fuel in old water bottles.

Ministers have repeatedly denied that the shortage of drivers has anything to do with Brexit, as workers en masse returned to their home countries following the exit from the EU and the coronavirus pandemic.

How do I know if a station has fuel?

While there’s no guarantee that any petrol station will have fuel by the time you get there, a simple road traffic app will let you know how bad the queues are around you, which can be indicative of how much fuel they have.

The innovative app Waze has a new function that will tell you how bad the traffic is surrounding closeby petrol stations, letting you know if it’s worth making the journey.

Additionally, the app lists and colour codes the cheapest places to get petrol in your area, with green being the cheapest and red being the most expensive.

The app is free to download and use for Apple and Android users.

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How long will the fuel crisis last?

The Petrol Retailers Association executive director Gordon Balmer has predicted it may take anything from a week to 10 days for fuel stocks at stations to return to normal.

The association reported that around 22 percent of fuel stations in London and the southeast were still without fuel on Monday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told LBC radio: “The situation has been improving now for I think over a week every day.

“It is getting better and as demand settles back to more normal levels the strong expectation is things will resolve themselves.”

He previously said it was not just a UK issue but a Europe-wide problem, despite there being no reports of shortages due to a lack of drivers on the continent.

He said: “The HGV drivers is not a UK issue, it’s a Europe-wide issue and beyond.

“I want people to know that we are doing everything we can to mitigate some of those challenges, where we can make a difference.”

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