‘Huge concern for Queen’ Prince Andrew’s ‘catastrophic decision’ sparks Palace panic

Ranvir Singh attempts to call Prince Andrew's mobile

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Prince Andrew has worsened his predicament by waiting too long to “face-up” to accusations launched at him by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Guiffre, The Mirror’s Royal Expert Russell Myers has claimed. In tonight’s ITV documentary exploring the scandal, Mr Myers claims Ms Giuffre – who is suing the Duke of York- is a major concern for the Queen.

The explosive documentary – entitled Ghislaine, Prince Andrew & the Paedophile explores Andrew’s relationship with deceased paedophile Epstein and his former girlfriend Maxwell and will air on Tuesday night on ITV. In the

In the programme, journalist Ranvir Singh investigates how the Duke became involved in the shocking scandal.

Mr Singh delves into the relationship between the billionaire heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein and Andrew.

The Duke’s recent failed attempt to have the lawsuit thrown out of court on technical grounds failed, leaving him to face the jury trial in autumn.

Following this, he returned his royal patronages and military titles to the Crown after a New York judge ruled that a civil case could go ahead.

Speaking in the documentary Mr Myers claims: “Virginia Giuffre is of huge concern to The Queen and the rest of the royal family. Certainly, senior royals have been absolutely at a loss about this situation.

Andrew has vehemently denied allegations of sexual assault made against him by Virginia Guiffre, who claims she was made to sleep with the prince on three separate occasions when she was 17.

Giuffre made her allegations against Andrew in 2015, but it hadn’t been identified as a lawsuit at this stage.

Since then she has proclaimed: “I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me.

“The powerful and rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions.”

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The Duke – who continues to deny any wrongdoing – is now expected to give evidence in the high-profile trial later this year.

Andrew and his legal team waited far too long to “face-up” to the accusations, which proved to be a disastrous move, Mr Myers argued.

He added: “Prince Andrew has not got a hold on. He’s had more than two years to face up to these allegations, and his lawyers and first and foremost thought that they didn’t need to explain themselves. They didn’t need to really give this any further oxygen.

“Well, that has proved an absolutely catastrophic decision.”

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A source close to Giuffre’s legal team has claimed that she plans to “ruin” Andrew because of his “arrogant” behaviour.

“No one can believe how badly Andrew and his legal team have messed up. His arrogance is what has destroyed him,” they said.

“It is Virginia’s firm belief that Andrew should go to jail for what he’s done but in the end leaving him broke and destroyed may be enough. He is already destroyed.

“Now it’s a matter of how much money he offers [in a settlement] and how broke we leave him.”

The prince’s solicitors reportedly want to quiz Ms Giuffre’s psychologist to see whether she is suffering from “false memories” of meeting him.

This was quickly ridiculed by legal experts as a “typical tactic” used in sexual abuse cases, and one also used by Ghislaine Maxwell during her trial.

The revelatory documentary will air tonight at 9pm on ITV, where political editor Ranvir Singh will probe further into the case and call numbers from Ghislaine’s little black book.

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