Hula Hoop shaped like binoculars now on sale on eBay for £69

A Hula Hoop that looks oddly like a pair of binoculars can be all yours for £69.

The ‘totally bizarre’ crisp was discovered in a grab bag of original salt ‘Big Hoops’ – the larger version of the iconic lunchtime favourite.

As you might expect, the seller was pretty pleased with their find and decided to make a killing on eBay.

They’ve described their rare discovery as ‘never before seen’ and ‘one of a kind’ – but they are open to offers if you fancy negotiating.

A single bag of Big Hoops costs 90p and they typically contain about 30 hoops.

If our maths is correct, one hoop is worth a measly 3p, meaning this belter has jumped in value by 229,900%.

You can be rest assured as the seller has 100% positive feedback on eBay, but the lucky buyer will need to pay £3.20 for delivery from Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

We just hope it arrives in one piece because there is a ‘no returns’ policy.

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