Hundreds of migrants in UK are ‘dangerous criminals’

Migrant crisis will get ‘significantly more serious’ warns Ellwood

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An investigation by The Sun has revealed that a large number of migrants who have arrived in Britain are “dangerous criminals”, including rapists, murderers, and terrorists. Among the hundreds who have been found to be serious criminals are also gangsters, child sex-offenders and drug dealers.

However, the majority of migrants who make the perilous crossing across the English Channel do not have criminal records.

A large number of the criminal migrants are currently living in homes funded by the taxpayer and are working illegally in the UK with cash handouts.

The whistle-blower who asked to remain anonymous explained the situation to The Sun.

They said: “If people knew the truth about these people, it would provoke national outrage – and it should.

“Hundreds of serious criminals are living all over the country, with many continuing to commit crimes, work illegally and claim benefits.

“And once they get into this country it is almost impossible to get rid of them.”

He continued: “This is mainly due to various legal barriers, including lengthy appeals, human rights issues, and a large backlog of cases.

“Our security services are stretched so thin; they don’t have the resources to monitor everyone properly.

“Senior Civil Service incompetence and political correctness also play a role. The only real way to solve this crisis is to stop them arriving in the first place.”

The Sun reported that one Albanian who came to the UK murdered his wife for which he went to prison for ten years and cannot be sent home due to human rights concerns that his victim’s family will kill him.

The man in question reportedly runs a cash-in-hand car wash near a Waitrose supermarket in Northamptonshire and claims benefits while battling for asylum in the courts with legal aid provided by the UK taxpayer.

The information was given to The Sun via a dossier of evidence from a senior source at a secretive government agency overseeing threats to national security.

The agency currently has tabs on almost 1,000 migrants who have serious criminal records who arrived illegally in the UK from the English Channel.

According to correspondence seen by the newspaper, Home Secretary Suella Braverman has authorised the continued monitoring of these individuals with a goal of removing them from the UK.

The dossier outlined that some of those who have arrived in the country have continued to commit criminal offences here.

One example given is of a serial paedophile from Iraq who has been linked to targeting children in Surrey.

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Meanwhile an Islamic State fighter from Iran has been arrested for carrying a weapon in West London.

The majority of these criminals cannot be sent back home due to their claims that their country will mistreat them.

While benefiting from taxpayer money, a number of them are also receiving NHS treatment for mental and or physical illness which also means their deportation would breach their human rights.

After seeing the dossier, a source from the Home Office said: “The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary have outlined plans to legislate once and for all to stem the flow of migrants crossing the Channel and ensure our borders are properly protected.”

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