Hunt for ravers after police pelted with bottles at warehouse event

Detectives are on the lookout for these revellers after police were pelted with bottles trying to break up a warehouse rave.

After catching wind of the illegal event in South Gloucestershire on Halloween, officers were quickly deployed to stop more people entering the premises.

But by the time a cordon was in place an estimated 500 and 700 people were already inside, some of whom lobbed objects at police as they tried to do their jobs.

Unlicensed music events are being held across the country despite coronavirus rules on social gatherings and fines of up to £10,000 for organisers.

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People holding free parties during the pandemic have taken to using ‘suicide rigs’ – cheap and portable PA equipment which will reduce their losses if police catch them and seize their equipment.

So far 12 people have been arrested as a result of the Halloween rave in South Gloucestershire while two organisers have received £10,000 fixed penalty notices.

Investigators are now seeking the public’s help to identify 38 revellers in connection with the party and have released bodycam footage of them.

Detective Superintendent Lisa Simpson said: ‘This event came while gatherings of more than 30 people were illegal and as the country was digesting news of national restrictions soon to be introduced.

‘Understandably the selfish actions of those who thought such an event was a good idea has left the majority of law-abiding people outraged.

‘Officers found themselves dealing with an intolerable hostile situation and deserve credit for the courageous and professional manner in which they handled it.

‘The aggressive and dangerous antics of those attacking police is inexcusable and unacceptable.

‘Our investigation is ongoing into what happened and to ensure those who committed offences are appropriately dealt with. Suspected offences, including assaults on emergency workers, affray and more are still being looked at by our dedicated team of officers and staff.

‘We have made several arrests but there are still many people we wish to identify as part of our ongoing enquiries.

‘We’ve made efforts within Avon and Somerset and other forces to try to establish who these people are in the hope we wouldn’t need to release these images into the public domain.

‘However, despite this we still don’t know who a number of people we want to talk to are, which is why we’re now releasing images of them in the hope the public can help.’

You can see more pictures of the ravers in question here.

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