Hunter gets high fives after shooting charging lion at point blank

Footage has emerged of a group of back-slapping hunters praising one another after killing a lion.

The lion was killed almost immediately when it was shot at point-blank range as it charged towards the group of hunters.

The video was shared by Boris Johnson’s girlfriend and anti-hunting campaigner Carrie Symonds.

She said: ‘Sorry to share such a distressing video on #WorldLionDay. There can be zero excuse or justification for such cruelty. There are thought to be just 20,000 lions now left in the wild. We must do better.

‘Can you imagine the hunters below fighting these majestic beasts without needing to hide behind a rock and without needing to use a massive gun?

‘Of course not. That’s why it’s not only cruel beyond belief but ‘as cowardly as it gets too.’

People responded to the video, slamming the pointless killing of the lion, which is registered as a ‘vulnerable’ species.

One user said: ‘What’s the point of killing a lion? I never understood how one can take pleasure in harming or killing animals just for the fun of it. These people are sick.’

Another said the hunters represent a ‘stain on our society’ before branding them ‘barbaric, savage psychopaths killing beautiful animals for fun.

‘There is NO excuse for the cruelty of trophy hunting.

‘But as I always say, now put them unarmed and naked in the savannah and see what happens. Fair’s fair, after all.’

According to the Daily Mirror, Derek Stocker’s ProStalk offers wealthy Britons the chance to kill a range of different African species, including baboons, giraffes, elephants an monkeys.

People can bid for the trophy in either South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, with rewards going ranging from £47 for monkeys to £6,422 for a hippopotamus.

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