‘I am disgusted!’ Mums’ fury as Mother’s Day ruined by ‘half dead’ and rotten flowers

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On Mother’s Day this year, social media has been flooded with people condemning last-minute shoppers picking up flowers and chocolates from supermarkets. However, some unlucky shoppers have been left with rotten bouquets.

Twitter user @DebraMichael19 said online she had been given a rotten bouquet for the special occasion.

She said: “Didn’t like to tell my son that the bouquet he’d lovingly bought me for Mother’s Day was awful!”

Another user @kevbev321 said they had the same issue.

They said: “I am dumbfounded and disgusted by the Mother’s Day flowers on offer … most of them half dead.

“All of them disgustingly overpriced. £10 for this tiny bunch… £10!!!!!!”

More users echoed their anger over the poor quality flowers, with Twitter user @ownedbycats89 showing off a video where petals were brown and rotten.

They said: “Every year dead flowers in supermarkets, some £10 mothers day bunches were squashed and half dead.

“Shouldn’t have to check, staff should check before putting them out for sale.”

User Karen Amosu also showed off a bouquet with petals falling off and some damage to the stem, saying they were “disappointed, to say the least”.

Sainsbury’s has also drawn criticism for their bouquets this year, and a spokesperson has apologised to disappointed shoppers.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear a small number of our cut flowers are not meeting our high standards. Customers can contact us in-store for a full refund.”
Interflora, a flower delivery network, has also come under fire for selling poor quality bouquets.

Twitter user @sziizr said: “They’re already browning, filled with cheap green leaves and MUCH smaller than advertised

“Supermarket flowers are cheaper, last longer and look much better.”

A spokesperson for Interflora said: “This Mother’s Day our local artisan florists up and down the country have been creating and personally delivering thousands of bouquets to help people connect and share their love.

“We’ve had questions about a small number of orders, but every order matters to us, so our fabulous customer care team always do all they can to put things right if they haven’t gone quite to plan.”

Meanwhile, supermarket M&S is in hot water with some shoppers over its £20 Mother’s Day meal deal.

Marks and Spencer shared details of its £20 Mother’s Day dine-in deal on social media- which includes roast dinner ingredients for four people.

M&S wrote: “Let Mum put her feet up and tuck into a flavour-packed Sunday lunch with our Mother’s Day Family Dine In. This serves-four feast includes a centrepiece roasting main (such as British beef or a vegan roast), three sides and a sharing dessert for only £20!”

However, the Manchester Evening News reported social media users were annoyed about the “outdated” advertisement.

Claire Sparks said: “Seriously. Are the ‘mum usually does the cooking’ adverts so passé.

“Mums are actually worth more. They work and do things more exciting than stay in the kitchen.”

Agreeing with Claire, Jen Campell said: “I totally agree. “Let Mum…” is horrible. What, sorry, because Mum has no choice in the matter… someone else has to “let” her not produce a family meal, and only because it’s Mother’s Day? How about “Treat Mum to a flavour-packed Sunday lunch…”

A spokesperson for M&S told Manchester Evening News: “We think mums are heroes, we’re their biggest fans. It’s never our intention to do anything but celebrate mums and we wish all those celebrating on Sunday a very happy Mother’s Day.”

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