'I literally feel sick. This doesn't happen in Foxrock' – Neighbours react to fatal stabbing

The first neighbours in Tudor Lawns were aware something was amiss when they could see the flashing blue lights of garda patrol cars shortly before midnight.

The south Dublin suburb of Foxrock – one of the most affluent areas in the country – is not accustomed to such sights.

The body of the victim – a man in his 20s – was found outside a house at approximately 11.30pm. He was stabbed to death, and it is believed he sustained injuries of a particularly gruesome nature. His body remained at the scene overnight.

Neighbours told independent.ie they believe the house was rented, and reported seeing a number of men come and go from the house. The men are of mixed nationalities, including Irish.

This morning, the scene was sealed off with gardai standing post outside the house.

Members of the Garda Technical Bureau were seen arriving at the scene at approximately 10.50am this morning, to begin their examinations.

Many of the homes on Tudor Laws are still festooned with Halloween decorations from earlier this week.

This was not the case with this house – which just has a push bike parked outside and a security light on from the night before.

One elderly neighbour said she woke up around midnight, shortly after the attack was alleged to have happened.

“I saw a number of Garda cars outside but I didn’t know what had happened until this morning and my phone has not stopped with friends calling to see I’m okay.

“This is a lovely area – many of us know each other for years and years but that house, we didn’t know those people at all.

“They weren’t really members of the community.  It’s terrible to know a man has died here.  We just don’t want something like this to happen in our neighbourhood.

“It’s not the type of place for trouble at all. It’s quiet and peaceful, safe.

“Everyone is shocked, upset.”

Another neighbour said:

“I woke up in the night, I didn’t check the time but banging of doors woke me.

“But there really was no other noise.  I didn’t think anything of that, so I fell back to sleep and I was completely shocked when I watched the news this morning.”

A woman said she was sickened by news of the attack.

“I feel sick, I literally feel sick.  This doesn’t happen in Foxrock.”

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