I love how much Prince William and Harry worship their wives – all men should

‘She always looks stunning.’

That was Prince William’s gushing reply to a fan in Birmingham last Thursday, after they exclaimed at how ‘amazing’ Kate’s outfit was.

And, I hate to admit it, but I got all the feels.

Truthfully, I love seeing a man so publicly and unashamedly worship his partner.

After seeing the video of Wills openly sharing his adoration for his wife of 12 years, I scuttled up to my own husband and demanded the very same attention. 

He was more than happy to oblige – wrapping his arms around me and giving me a big squeeze, before kissing me on the head, like he always does.

Similarly, Prince Harry and Meghan were spotted giggling and grinning together on a ‘kiss cam’ earlier this week at a basketball match. Even when the footage was beamed to thousands in the audience, this moment of intimacy seemed to prove that Harry’s love for his wife of almost five years was unwavering, and unfazed by the interruption.

And I feel sorry for anyone who thinks otherwise, as clearly you don’t understand – or, perhaps, truly deserve – love.

My husband and I say ‘I love you’ every day.

I wave him off to work at the front door. His face lights up when I walk into a room, and he always stands to hug, or kiss me ‘hello’ – no matter where we are, or who we’re with.

He holds the door open for me, and lets me know if I have lipstick on my teeth. Tells me I’m beautiful, or kisses me on the head after a bad day. He tells me stupid jokes and grins when he makes me laugh at inappropriate times, and I’ve never felt comfort like that of his hand on the small of my back when I’m nervous.

This public display of affection, however small, means so much to me – and shows that he’s proud to be my husband. That he worships the very ground that I walk on, and cherishes my existence in his company.

I believe that these acts of love help women feel more seen and appreciated. These simple acts of validation tell you that, ‘hey, I’ve got your back’. 

It’s not pathetic by any means – it’s just love. And when did love become something to be ashamed of – something to hide?

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If anything, it’s healthy to not feel so stifled by this BS bravado persona that men think they have to put on to be, well, ‘a man’.

I’ve definitely been with blokes that have refused to even walk close to me, or hold my hand and peck me on the cheek in public, likely for fear of being seen as being weak.

I long thought it was a ‘me’ problem when men I was dating actively recoiled from my grasp.

Now, I know that men have conditioned their feelings for so long that some are actually embarrassed to open up and show love, or affection in public and I find that so, utterly sad.

I think that the want and will from both princes – and the King – to validate and declare how much their wives mean to them, is extremely powerful.

That, despite their place of high-standing in society, they’ve proved that being in love is so simple – so freeing, and all-consuming. 

They show their equal standing with their wives by both being at the mercy of a force that is so, so much bigger than them. Bigger than any royal family.

Live, laugh, love – I say. 

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