‘I love the fact my rare skin condition makes me stand out’

Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN) is a rare skin condition that causes dark-brown birthmarks all over the body.

Scarlett Clarke, 13, from the Cotswolds, has more than 1,000 moles across her body, part of her CMN.

She tells Sky News how she lives with her condition.

I have always known I am different and I have always embraced it.

I think my first memory would be at about four years old when I started to notice everyone was staring at me. I soon got used to it and decided the best thing to do was just smile back at them and then they would either look away or smile back at me.

Dancing and performing has always been my passion from an early age. It has help me to accept my skin and to gain confidence in who I am rather than the way I look.

While I am performing I feel people are staring at my for the right reasons not just because I look so different. I wear the same dance costumes as everyone else.

My parents never hide me away nor have tried to hide my CMN.

The only thing I dislike about my condition is not being able to wear a bikini on holiday like everyone else unless I am in the shade because the condition gives me a high risk of skin cancer.

However I love the fact it makes me stand out and makes me different.

I have been extremely lucky and have been accepted on to the London LINK kids talent agency which is an amazing opportunity for me to be put forward for film and theatre work.

I am so looking forward to seeing the photo exhibition at the Oxo tower, I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot and hope the exhibition makes more people aware of the condition and for young children with the condition to know they are not alone and it wont stop them being who they want to be.

One day I hope to reach the West End or be on the television.

CMN can’t be changed, so embrace your own individual beauty.

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