‘I might go and stab him again’ Listen to chilling 999 by wife who knifed husband to death

Penelope Jackson: Police release shocking 999 call

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Penelope Jackson, 66, was found guilty at Bristol crown court on Friday for the murder of ex-Army Colonel husband David Jackson, 78, who she stabbed three times in the heart and abdomen at their home in Berrow, Somerset, on February 13 after a Zoom dinner with her children.

Jackson, who has been handed a life sentence and will be caged for a minimum of 18 years, murdered Mr Jackson after a drunken row erupted over the decision to have steak and bubble and squeak.

Following the stabbing, Jackson told the 999 handler in an 18-minute phone call that her former Logistics Corps husband was “in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck”.

In a chilling audio recording, she can be heard saying: “I killed my husband because I’ve had enough. I might just go and stab him again. I am compos mentis. I am in the lounge.”

The call handler can then be heard asking Jackson to medically assist her husband before asking her how many times she had stabbed him.

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But she refused to fulfil the operator’s demands, instead slamming: “I did the once and then he said ‘I wouldn’t do it again’ so I did it twice more.

“Once I thought I thought I would get his heart… well he hasn’t got one. And then twice in the abdomen.”

Later in the call Jackson can be heard saying: “I know this is being recorded…  But I have had enough of the abuse and the nastiness.

“I am not doing anything to help him! He deserves everything he has got – I accept everything that is coming my way.”

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She concludes how “he threatened me before, but he’s not threatening me now” and in deeply haunting moment the murderer adds how “I might just go and do it again”.

The audio footage was released by Somerset Police alongside body-cam footage which shows Jackson telling Police who arrive at the scene “I admit it all”.

Jackson told the court how following the row she went into her husband’s bedroom to ask for an apology for the events of the evening.

She claimed that when he refused to say sorry she told her husband of her plans to take her own life, to which Mr Jackson suggested she should “get on with it”.

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She told the court this was the moment when she “lost it”, explaining: “I just thought I cannot do this. It is not fair and I lost control.”

Jackson stabbed her husband across the chest in the bedroom and said she then went downstairs to write a confession note. She claimed Mr Jackson then came downstairs to call 999 but during the call, Jackson claimed he told her she “couldn’t even do [the stabbing] right”. She went on to fatally stab him two more times in the abdomen.

Handing down the life sentence on Friday judge Martin Picton told Jackson: “I have no doubt you intended to kill your husband and it was a pre-meditated murder. Your behaviour shows a shocking level of callousness.”

He added: “During the four days of giving evidence I did not detect a shred of genuine remorse on your part for the crime you have committed.”

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