‘I nearly died after being trampled by cows – something needs to change’

Victims of cow attacks have called for change after a series of deadly stampedes. One victim of a cow attack has described how they nearly died after they were trampled on by a group of animals.

Adam Delves, 38, was stampeded by cows and bullocks in Cheshire in 2018 whilst walking his dog.

During the ordeal, the herd of 14 cattle kicked and stamped on Mr Delves, throwing him around 5ft into the air and into the next field.

Following the attack, Mr Delves was left unable to work after suffering injuries to his ankle, back, arm, and leg.

The Mirror reported that Mr Delves is among several victims calling for action into cow attacks which have left victims paralysed and dead.

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After a series of incidents a campaign group pushing for increased signage and safety around farms has been set up.

Called COWS (Cattle on Walkers Safety), it was launched by David Clarke, 67 after he was targeted by a group of 25 cows in 2014.

Speaking to the Sun, he said he was left with life-threatening injuries after they trampled him and his dog Merlin. He said: “When I noticed that the cows were coming into me, I thought they would stop. They didn’t.

“Before I realised it was too late. All thoughts go into your head. You think of death but you don’t want to. You just wonder, when is this going to stop and how will I get out?”

Mr Clarke received emergency surgery for a lacerated liver and was diagnosed with internal bleeding. Tragically, his dog Merlin died.

Not everyone has survived a cow attack. COWS highlighted the tragic case of Michael Holmes, 57, who was pronounced dead after a cow attack three years ago.

An inquest heard how Mr Holmes and his wife Teresa had been out walking their daughter’s dogs when they were attacked by the cows.

The hearing was told how Mr Holmes suffered 35 rib fractures and the sack of his heart was lacerated.

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Teresa, on the other hand, was left paralysed by the attack and now uses a wheelchair.

Earlier this year, another walker was trampled to death by cows. The woman, who has not been named, was killed while walking her dogs on a public footpath.

In a statement, Dyfed Powys Police said: “We can confirm that a woman died after walking her dogs along a public access path through a field containing around 40 cows.

“The incident took place on the evening of September 1 in the Maesmawr area of Welshpool. Her family has been notified. The coroner and HSE have also been informed.”

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