‘I refuse to give my hungry son money for food when there’s plenty at home’

A mother has taken to social media to vent her frustration at her teenage son who refuses to make his own breakfast, instead asking for allowance to cover the meals he is missing.

Teenage years can be the most difficult to manage for a parent, and having to decide what should and should not be allowed is a task put in front of them as soon as their children hit their rebellious teens.

One mother has taken to social media to vent about her son, 15, who instead of making breakfast at home complained that he did not have enough money to feed himself and asked for an increase in allowance.

Her son has swimming lessons in the early hours of the morning before school and does not eat breakfast at home beforehand. But by the time it gets to breakfast time he spends his money at the school canteen, which eats away at his allowance.

After asking his mum for more allowance to cover the cost, she said no as there are multiple options at home that he could prepare, but opts not to.

According to her, this caused a giant argument between her and her son and has touched a nerve with her ex, presumably his dad, who appears to think he should be allowed more money.

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She said: “Maybe I am wrong but this situation is odd. Everyone in the family gets an allowance. My son, 15, is in swim group and he has to be there at 5:45 three times a week.

“It’s morning practice and then he goes to school, he usually buys breakfast from the school cafe and then all his money is gone.

“My daughters don’t buy breakfast and just eat before school or skip. So their allowance is mostly saved or used for the movies or something. My son came to me and asked for more allowance due to being hungry, I told him no and that he can eat before or pack something.

She said he could easily prepare a nutritious breakfast at home to help cut costs for him throughout the week, and worries sitting him down to show him how to will cause more issues.

She said: “We have breakfast bars, protein bars, single-serve cereal boxes, the standard bagels, eggs, pop tarts, those breakfast bowls and a ton of fruit (bananas strawberries and so on). We have plenty of food he can pack for after or just eat breakfast at home.

“I’ll sit down with him tonight and show him how to pack a breakfast. I feel like that’s going to go over extremely poorly since he is 15 and I am basically saying he doesn’t know how to put fruit or other stuff in a bag.”

Even while trying to solve the issue in a cost-effective way, she claims that as far as her son and ex are concerned, she is being unfair.

She said: “We got in a huge argument, he thinks I am a jerk and now my ex is on my a** about it.”

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Her post was popular with other Redditors, gaining over 5,000 comments discussing the issue and who is in the wrong.

One commenter said: “I’m genuinely so confused why everybody is saying that mum is the a**h*** for not giving more money. I think this is actually a great time for [her] to step in and teach kiddos some life lesson stuff. We ALL have to make decisions about how we wish to spend our money. I do think it’s her responsibility to step up, brainstorm, and teach kiddo some of these skills.

While a second said: “Original poster lists lots of things, not just pop tarts, and 15-year-olds are more than capable of sorting out their own breakfasts – the younger kids apparently manage it.

And a third said: “You’re the a**h***, but not for the money. Your son is struggling with planning. It’s your job as a parent to work with the 15-year-old and help him plan. Why not make breakfast the night before, you can help him make that part of his routine.

“Hard boil a few eggs, teach him to make a frittata on Sundays, which would last most of the week, and help him back a bagel and cream cheese.

“You can get him a small lunch box with an ice pack so all of that stays cool. Stop watching your son struggle and help him by guiding his planning.”

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