‘I will not accept this’ Royal lovechild breaks silence on ‘wrong’ Princess Diana claim

Princess Delphine among Belgian royals attending Brussels event

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The princess, who was recognised by Belgium’s former sovereign as his youngest child in January 2020, has claimed to have been misquoted in recent media reports. Princess Delphine sat down for an interview with Tatler to discuss how her relationship with her father and the rest of her royal relatives has evolved.

Delphine, who has made a name for herself as an artist over the years, also spoke about how she is now being received by the Belgian public.

In an extract attributed to the Tatler interview published by the MailOnline last week, Delphine is quoted saying: “The public now compare me to Princess Diana, because I am a princess of hearts and am generous with charity work.”

These remarks were quickly reported across Belgian and British media, and sparked the royal’s response on Instagram.

She wrote on Monday: “I will not accept this misquote that is going around in the press.

“I normally do not speak out about misquotes, but this is just wrong.

“It’s taken out of context. I would never compare myself to Princess Diana, who I greatly admire.

“We have very different stories. And I would certainly never call myself ‘A Princess of hearts’ as the press is now claiming #stopmisquoting”.

On Tuesday, Tatler released extracts from its interview, published in full in its September issue, with the royal on its website.

Delphine is there quoted there saying: “I’m looked upon as very authentic and generous with my charities… I think they compare me now to Princess Diana because they see me as a bit of a princess of the heart.”

Princess Delphine fought a seven-year-long legal battle against Albert II to be recognised as his legitimate fourth child.

The artist started publicly claiming to be the daughter of the Belgian sovereign in 2005 but could launch a legal battle against him only in 2013, when he abdicated in favour of his son Philippe.

The former King officially recognised Delphine as his daughter in January 2020, after a Belgian court ordered him to take a DNA test.

Delphine was born during an 18-year-long extramarital affair between Albert and baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

A few months after this legal triumph, Delphine announced she was taking her father to court again to receive the same rights, titles and privileges as her siblings.

In October two years ago, the Belgian court ruled again in her favour, granting the artist the full title of HRH Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg as well as the possibility to pass on to her two children the royal privilege.

A few days after being awarded her royal title, Delphine held a first, private meeting with her brother King Philippe, followed a few days after by an encounter with Albert and his wife Queen Paola.

The royal has since attended a number of official events open to wider members of the Belgian royal family.

Most recently, in July, she joined all of her siblings and their partners to watch in person the National Day military parade, one of the most important celebrations in her country. 

Delphine sat on a stage between her husband, James O’Hare, and UK-born Princess Claire, the wife of Prince Laurent.

Laurent, the second son of Albert II, publicly expressed his support for Delphine in 2020.

Speaking to Belgian journalist Wim Dehandschutter in October that year, the royal said: “Delphine needs to know she can count on me.

“But she undoubtedly knows that. We have known each other for a long time.”

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