Iain Dale mocks Ukip candidate as he grills him on ‘why he’s bothering’ to take on Farage

The UK Independence Party have 44 candidates standing in the upcoming election but Iain Dale asked why are they bothering. David Kurten explained they are standing in Tory seats and representing the Brexit vote against Remainer Tories. Mr Dale asked: “Why should we take Ukip seriously? You’ve had nine leaders in three years that’s quite a record isn’t it.”

Speaking to LBC, Mr Kurten said: “I will be honest with you, we haven’t had an easy time since the referendum and since Nigel Farage stood down.”

Mr Dale interjected: “Then why not just give up?”

The Ukip candidate continued: “I’m very, very glad that we are still here because I’m not sure how the Brexit Party is going to do in the election.

“Obviously they’re standing in a lot more places than we are, we’re only standing in 44 seats at this time.”

The LBC host hit out at Mr Kurten as he said the Brexit Party are going to get more seats than Ukip will.

He said: “So why bother? When you’ve got the Brexit Party and Nigel Farage who everyone knows.

“Who has heard of Pat Mountain?”

Mr Kurten said: “Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party pulled out of 317 Tory seats.

“So there is nobody standing against any Tory Remainers.”

Mr Dale added: “You’ve pull out of 606 seats.”

Mr Kurten continued: “Well, we are standing in 44, we made some decision at that moment the Monday before the deadline.

“We were left with a lot of Tory Remainers and places that do not have a real Brexiteer standing in them.”


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His comments come as Nigel Farage said there wouldn’t have been a Tory majority if it wasn’t for Ukip.

In a speech, he said: “I am reading this lazy commentary every day that is almost a mirror image of what I read back in 2015 when I led Ukip.

“They all said Ukip would lead to Labour and the SNP going into coalition because we would split the Tory vote.

“And what did we do? We did far more harm to the Labour Party than we did to the Tories.”

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